Galaxy – Ladies Code

Ladies Code has finally made their return to the industry. The group lost two of their members back in 2014 (RIP Eun.B & Rise) and causing injuries to the other three members and their staff. With the public unsure on how they will go on, the girls kept together and have been recovering from the accident ever since. Now, they feel that they are ready to return to the stage, and have done in style.

The girls went with a much edgier song than compared to their early days, where everything was much brighter. But this “edgier song” has a lot of style and class to it. While I could not get a good grasp at what genre the song belongs to until the very end, where the sounds come a lot from the jazz genre (with electronic elements), I was not bothered with it, because listening to the song, there was an air of mysteriousness to it. If that sentence is grammatically correct, praise the Lord. I feel that mysteriousness in the song was delivered very nicely with the eerie instrumental and the husky nature of the girl’s vocals. The vocals were pretty good. The song did pick up at the chorus and but somehow remained monotone throughout. But that monotone sound is used very well and is not a complaint at all in this song. Honestly, I thought this was a great song. Only complaint is that it is a little too slow for a dance song for me. But beside, I think it is a great song.

As for the music video, the unfocussed nature in some of the parts of the video was excellent. The director (or producer) of the video style in this video reminds me a lot of another video, but I don’t know which one. But this is really good. I love the use of the white background and having one or two bold colours layered on top. I was going to say that the video was very neutral in terms of the colour, but watching back, I wonder which video I was watching. The use of triangles in this video is pretty cool. How nerdy did that sound? It sounded a lot cooler in my brain, but not really when you read it hey? But that triangle chess board looks really cool. The editing of the video was done so perfectly. It is extremely hard to pick a flaw to such a good video. I think I have said enough.

The dance was a little too slow for my liking, but at least it matched the tempo and beat of the song. Not exactly impressed with the dance, but it does add that extra “air of mysteriousness” to it. I do love how composed and mysterious they are with their expressions when on stage.

Overall, I think this is a really good comeback. Disappointed that they haven’t received much attention with this song. 8.5/10

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