You’re The Best – Mamamoo

Mamamoo has returned with a brand new song and their very first album. With their unexpected (or was it expected?) success and surge in popularity for their catchy and very retro songs when they last promoted with Um Oh Ah Yeah, the group is riding the wave of popularity, earning them their first perfect all kill on the Korean charts and until the 6th of March, their first ever music show win. And yet they still manage wow even more people and bring them into their unique fanclub, Moo-Moo.

And with you are like me little to no bias whatsoever, this is by far one of the best songs that I have ever heard in KPOP’s history. Yep, I went there and I am not afraid at all. Why I think that? Their retro songs do a really good job of putting a smile on your face. Their songs are extremely cheerful and happy. Their catchy and hella addictive to listen to. The fluctuations between high and low pitches, notes etc. is amazing to listen to. Not once was I let down with any aspect of the song. Their vocals and rapping is full of energy and we should praise. them for that.Bonus marks for fitting in references to Mr Ambiguous, Um Oh Ah Yeah and Piano Man. The only smallest complaint (and this me trying to be critical, so I cannot give them the perfect 10/10 for song) I can find with the song is that really random start which the grand entrance of the “boom”or “bang”or whatever you would call it.  I don’t know, it was a bit random and gave off this grand feel to the song, but really did not fit the song at all. But beside that, I have been singing the song and listening to the song so much, that I have probably listened to it over 50 times in just the last few days. Which I would say is borderline unhealthy, but it is so catchy.

Now onto the video, where do I start with these random and crazy girls who are known for everything I just described them as? Not fond of the really pale nature of the video, but the rest of the video is just fine. The girls move into a hotel (I assume) and basically fall in love with the pool sweeping guy. So they all take turns in trying to whoo hang out with him, but I think he is not interested in them. But the guys praise him and turns him into a holy grail or something along the lines of that. Every time he does nice to them, the girls feel way so comfortable, to the point where they let loose. And when I say that, I refer to Wheein eating at that restaurant, where she inhales (yes, not chew, but inhale) her meal and drink. But it is such a comic video that makes me smile and laugh when I watch to it. In a way, the video kind of mirrors Um Oh Ah Yeah’s video in many ways, but at the same time, still manages to keep that songs unique nature with it.

The dance is so sassy and has this really great attitude to it. I freaking love watching these girls dance on stage and sing flawlessly on stage. Chorus is simple and easy to follow, while the other dance moves fit well with the particular tempo of the song at that time. One of the things I love about watching Mamamoo’s stages is their improvisation. Each week, they do something different on stage (somewhat like the ending of Um Oh Ah Yeah). First week, they did that thing where the members take a selfie, one of them being pretty and the rest of them bring “ugly”. Second week into their comeback and they are slapping each other. It makes you want to watch the weeks that follow and see what they have up their sleeves next.

What a long review, but they are worthy of it since their song is epic and by far one of the best that I ever heard. 9.5/10


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