Kingdom – B.A.P

Yep, B.A.P are back. Just not in Korea, but Japan. This is their first original release and their first comeback in Japan since 2014. The song is a part of an album titled as Best. Absolute. Perfect, and is their first official full length album in Japan to date.

The song is honestly pretty good. The song is exactly what I think the band should actually come back with. The same concept and just a little more power. B.A.P is known for their dark, powerful and strong concepts and songs. This just plays homage to some of those song. The violins in the song and the orchestral feel really sound cool and nice in the song. Plays very well with their vocals as well. The rapping is good. But as I mentioned, the song needed a little more power. I am not 100% sure about how Japan likes their songs, but this does have that dead feeling attached to it. And I mean, the song just doesn’t hit you across the face or have an impact upon you. It can be described as “tame”. Another thing that is starting to bug me. Unfortuately, when I am listening to B.A.P songs, a lot of the time I am trying to figure out the portion of the song that Daehyun sings. I know. I love his voice, but I feel like Youngjae can take over some of his lines. Jongup is improving a lot as well, so he should get a few more lines. As I said, I love Daehyun’s vocals, but sometimes (and this goes for many bands/groups, not just B.A.P), the line arrangement should not be biased towards one member, but a more even spread. There are bands where one member is given only one line and the excuse is “because they don’t sing well”. I find it usually these members that have the most unique voices and fits songs that the main vocalist can barely sound great in. Anyway, before the rant gets way too long. Song is pretty good.

As for the music video, boy, does that dead feeling come back strong. Lack of colour really fitted in with the rest of the video, gives it that more urban feel to the video. As for the plot… we really need to talk to these writers…. The boys of B.A.P seemed to hatch this plan that involves this car. Great. Probably stealing it or something. But the idea is to skip the plan and have the guys confront this big boss. Okay… They plug in some lights, have the big bosses henchmen conveniently bend backwards due too the bright light and the band casually make their way to the throne. Okay… And then proceed to wave a white flag and then they all celebrate. Ummm.. I am sorry. Did I miss out on a large portion of the video or something. What in the world did I just watch? Make utter no sense? I am going back and there isn’t anything to do with the plan, why they are going to take over the big bosses throne. And big boss, you ran because your henchmen are pathetic. This video reminds me of the cringe worthy dramas that I see consistently in Korean entertainment. I literally cannot speak right now, just by retelling you what I saw. Now, there maybe another video out there (like the fuller version), but I don’t know if it exists of not, because the video I am watching (linked below) is marketed as a the music video. A very big whup whup for the video.

Dancing was okay. Not as expected. Too boring to watch. Nothing cool. But hey, they do add that more masculine vibe to the video and song.

Song was the best part of the whole comeback. Dance is okay. Music video was a downright disappointment. I cannot put it any other way. 4/10

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