Seasons Of The Heart – Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk, probably a name in the distant past. Well, for those who don’t remember him, he is a famous actor in South Korea, who appeared in Reply 1997 and Master’s Sun. But did you know that he is also a singer? You probably did and that was really cliché way of introducing him to people who barely know of him or just know him as actor! But yeah, he is a singer and it has been ages (almost three years) since he last came back. Since his last comeback, he has been active as an actor, singing in OSTs and Japan.

Another song I have yet to listen to. So everything you will be reading today is just first impressions. The song has very nice melodic flow to which makes it sound pretty amazing. You know me and ballads, and this is one of the ballads that I think has finally be done right and to perfection as well. Damn, I miss his voice. His vocals in this are top notch and I am completely satisfied listening to his voice from the very start to the end of the song. The extremely soft piano start accompanies his voice, and both the instrumental and his vocals build up as the song gets closer to the chorus. I think it is a good song to listen to. Let’s move along with the review.

Moving to the music video, I think it is a pretty smart video. It takes the nice idea that the song presented (i.e. the heart changes like how the season changes) and did a pretty good job at depicting it. One moment we see them arguing, the next we seem them kissing. And damn, were there a lot of kisses in this video or what? The elevator scene is just a prime example. As people get on the elevator, the couple is seen arguing. As the same people get off the elevator, the couple are smooching each other. Pretty extreme, but it is a fail proof way of displaying what the song is about without dragging it out too long and turning it into a mini movie.

Overall, I think it was an excellent song and video. Pity it isn’t being promoted. 10/10

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