Letting Go – DAY6

I should find new ways to start off my reviews. They all sound the same… DAY6 is back after debuting last year with Congratulations. Since then, they have been performing gigs in South Korea and also around the world. Earlier this year, member Junhyuk was withdrawn from the group for personal reasons, and I believe JYP Entertainment had yet to make a statement regarding this. This leaves only 5 members in the band. Also DAY6 confirmed that they will be promoting on music shows for this comeback, as opposed to their debut, which JYP Entertainment claimed that they would not promote to keep it authentic. Guess who gave in JYP. But it is nice to see them back and performing on the stage.

So the song, I think it is great.  Everything seems to be up to the standard that Congratulations had set. The vocals, the rapping, the instrumental. Everything was great. The song itself sounds like its story that it has intended for the audience to hear. It sounds like a person reflecting on a relationship that just had to end or the end was unavoidable. And I like the song for that element. I also love the instrumental. The continuous drum beats and guitar strings during the chorus is probably my favourite part of the song. It gives the song that strong feel and impact that I tend to talk about. It is a powerful song, while the message may be a little soft. However, I just cannot pinpoint what is missing in the song. The song has this one thing missing from it that I think would make the song 10 times more better, but I just cannot work it out. Every time I listen to the song, I have this thought and try to dig my way through the song trying to find what is missing, but I can’t (unless the song is intended to be that way – more that later). But overall, I think this is a great song.

Music video. It is interesting and fits the feel of the song. There isn’t anything “loud” or bold in the video, which suits the song really well. Not exactly keen on the many copies of the members, but still, it makes the video very interesting. Now, there is a theory about the video and song that I think makes sense (but may not actually by the true meaning of the video). As I mentioned above, the song may have been intended to be left “empty” as the one of their members was announced that they were to leave the band. Fans seem to comment on how the song was like a message of “letting go” of this particular member. Junhyuk, also plays the keyboard, and in the background in some scenes when the band is together, there is actually a keyboard there, standing by itself. A sign that they must let go, but they just cannot. It also seems like the many copies of the members seem to mean that however the other try to fill  his void, they just cannot replace me like that. Really interesting and totally make senses with that one piece of evidence. Whatever the meaning of the video is, I think what fans have theorised is exceptionally sad and would make sense given the rumours that surrounded his departure.

Overall, interesting video and great song. But what are your thoughts on the video? What do you think is the meaning behind the video, because writing this makes me feel sad 😦 8.5/10


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