Get Down – Boys Republic

It has been a long time coming, but finally, I will be reviewing Boys Republic. Yeah… I have been wanting to review these boys for their past few comebacks, but I end up not doing them because of time constraints or I fall behind on the other artist’s comebacks. I know. But this time I will do it and here it is. Boys Republic is a boy group under Universal Music. The group consist of 5 members including: Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu, Suwoong. They first made their debut with Party Rock in 2013 and have made comebacks since then with songs such as Hello, The Real One and my personal favourite, You Are Special.

Get Down can be described as a rock anthem infused with dance elements. This song gives off this really masculine, tough and macho edge that is a pretty new sound for them, since they have gone for more of the pop style in the past. The chorus of this song is amazing. The vocals are really strong but the beat made the chorus sound very catchy. The start of the song opens with a really nice (hehehehe) rap. The autotune parts in the song are quite questionable. They don’t sound good. They fit into the song, but not exactly that impressive and sounds really fake (obviously). But at least that part fit the song. The song (as mentioned above) has this really strong and dominate anthem sound to it, which I can hear from the start of the end. The vocals at the end were superb. You can say that this song has a lot of pent up anger and jealousy in it. Just check out the English lyrics where you next watch the song. Overall, I think it was a pretty good song. They should have gone a little easy on the autotune though.

The music video is definitely not for the fainted hearted. I can say that VIXX’s music video for VooDoo Doll looks tame in comparison to this video. Why? Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you. Let’s just say there is a lot of blood and heads in this video. If you are the faint hearted type and don’t want to watch the video, simply highlight the white section that follows and you will get the spoiler: decapitation (heads are getting chopped off).  So I guess it is safe to say that if you are dating the members of Boys Republic, it is best to stick to their side and not go cheat or leave them for another man, because these guys will literally kill for you. Really like the edgy and dark (obviously) vibe they went for in this video. Don’t think smiling guys and puppies would translate well with this concept. Hahaha… But honestly, a really interesting concept where the guys, instead of reflecting upon their mistakes or happy memories, go for revenge.

Dance wise, rubbing hands on your body and the slightest body wave seems to get you a long way in this industry. There are so many ways to do those two movements and make it look original. This dance is one of them. Not exactly memorable, but it is something that I noticed. It also added to the masculine and macho concept they were going for.

Overall, a very dark and powerful comeback, which is an interesting contrast to their past comebacks (because they did not hold back with the darkness here). 9/10


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