Kissing To Feel – UKISS

No, UKISS has not returned to the stage (yet) but the band did release a song back in February. This is a Japanese release that was not publicised in anyway. Someone contacted me on Twitter asking me to review this and I apologise that it only took me 5 years to actually review the song. Honestly if they haven’t contact me then I would not have known. I don’t actually do requests since the amount of releases is so large, it is hard to keep up with the industry. I try my best to review new bands and old bands, debuts and comebacks from smaller artists, but it is already hard just trying to listen to the latest songs… Let’s move onto the review though, before this review becomes too long.

It is a good song but it just doesn’t captivate me. For a quite upbeat song, the song started off slow, compared to the rest of the song. It wasn’t until the chorus that I felt like it was more of a UKISS style song. The start (in reality) isn’t that slow, it just felt slow. But once the song gets to that peak, wow. Their vocals are not hindered one bit in the song and sounds very powerful, strong and extremely clear. The rapping (per usual) is pretty good. I can see a lot of improvement (and parts) given to Jun.  I always wonder why they don’t do these songs in South Korea. I know South Korea isn’t that big in these EDM dance tracks, but UKISS received a lot of attention from the public when they released songs like this in the past. Okay, finishing praising the song. The song itself really doesn’t draw my attention (as I mentioned above). I feel like an extra element could have been added to the song to give it more depth or dimension (does that make sense?). But overall, I think the song is good. (I need a better way to write these reviews… I started and finished off with the same sentence).

Not exactly fond of the video. If you are a fan of sweaty Eli, then I guess check it out. But honestly, it was rather dark than it should have been. The lighting wasn’t that great in this video. There are two version: one was the normal landscape version, while the other is the portrait version. I have not seen the landscape version on YouTube yet, but I have see the portrait version and damn am I disappointed. It just feels really confined. There are benefits for the portrait version, but I am not seeing them in this video. The set is okay. The question is: when isn’t UKISS in an abandoned room or house.? Like seriously, most of their video consist of something abandoned. Yeah, I am running out of things to say about the video. I just think the video could have included a plot and made some sense over these scenes. There is already a plot here but it just doesn’t seem to be evident. Maybe more scenes of the girl leaving the guys or something would have made the video more interesting.

The dance focus on the sexy side of the band (and I think I actually do prefer this side of the boys). A lot of crotch grabbing and body waves. I really like the slow part of the chorus. And you probably have no idea what I am talking about…. Watch the dance version here? I think the dance is great, matches the tempo of the song and also shows the knife sharp movements of the guys. Once again they did a good job with their dance.

Overall, it was okay. I think that sums it up for me. 6.5/10

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