[Review] My Star – Lee Hi

Lee Hi has returned with part 2 of her second album. Last time we saw her was in March where she came back with Breathe and Hold My Hand. This time, she is coming back with “My Star”.

Unfortunately, this song was not to my taste. The song did not catch my attention nor did it appeal to me at all. I think because the release was so sudden and I have been drowning in so much work, that it became a song that I just could not keep up with. Anyway, regarding the song itself, there is something about Lee Hi’s voice that really can be described by one word, and that is: soulful. Her husky voice compliments a variety of genre from ballads to pop (as we saw from her previous titles tracks such as Hold My Hand and Breathe). This is more of a pop-jazz track than anything else. The song is much brighter and happier than any other song (and is probably a song that people would listen to, just to crack a smile or turn a frown upside down). I just find the chorus really repetitive and boring. The emphasis of each word in the sentence seems to sound the song ordinary and does really set the song apart from other songs out there right now. The bridge of the song did not really go well with the rest of the song, in my point of view. I think the climax was my favourite song, but the rest of it was just a little too boring for my taste. Sorry, I guess. Lee Hi has a great voice, but as the reasons, I cited above, most likely covered the song’s potential.

As for the video, I thought it was a nice concept. Of course, it looks like and it feels like your ordinary KPOP video, but I think the concept is refreshing and somewhat new. You could feel the awkwardness between Lee Hi and the actor to be honest. Their acting isn’t the best, but given the concept and what I got from the video, the awkwardness might have been on purpose. The video suited the song really well. I thought it a great video. It is just unfortunate that I did not like the song as much. If I had, I probably thought the video was amazingly better. The video shows the two go through dating to marrying phase of their life and the somewhat awkward vibe give the video a nice charm. Love the retro vibe the video has going on and the scenes where she is on stage singing in that suit is hella adorbs. She looks so cute on stage and in that pink suit.

Yeah.. so not really the song for me, but it is good from a point of view of someone who is not busy or overloaded with work atm. 5.5/10

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