[Double Review] Fly + Love Me The Same – Jessica Jung

I’m back. I just finished my final exam for the semester have the next few weeks off. So I am going to jump right into it and start on the long list of songs that I have to review. I also plan to bring out some new content during the next few weeks (including those charts, which I am going to do and see what you guys think of it). But let’s move along now. Jessica Jund, the former member of SNSD, has made her solo debut with Fly as her title track. Even though she is not promoting, her debut has garnered a lot of attention, placing third (which is apparently hard, according to everyone, if you do not promote) on the weekly charts. Since departing the group and SM Entertainment, she has been actively busy in China and has signed with Coridel Entertainment.

Fly is a really ordinary song, but it is quite catchy and it suits Jessica’s style. There isn’t anything that sets it apart from other songs out at the moment. The song has a really nice pop sound to it, that isn’t too fast or too slow. It is has a great balance between the tempo. Even the balance was evident in the instrumental. The rapping was a little random to my ears, but its addition kept the song flowing. Fabolous (the featuring rapper) himself is a pretty good rapper. Moving along to Love Me The Same, which is a ballad (well, technically, I don’t think it is meant to be a ballad, but its sounds a lot like a ballad/pop mashup). Not that big of a fan of this song, though. She has a good voice, and I don’t think this style fits her voice well. It is a good ballad, but her vocals don’t seem to portray the emotions properly. Listening to the song, a large section of it has no vocals and is just instrumental, which kind of disappoints me somewhat. I did like the drum beat in the ballad, though. It isn’t often you hear drums in a ballad (usually, it is more of the classical instrumentals), so it gave a nice fresh sound to the song.

The music video for Fly really fitted in with the meaning of the song. In the video, Jessica receives a postcard from some snowy world. The thing is Jessica lives in the desert and hence once receiving the postcard, she falls in love with the idea of snow. She dreams of going to an icy wonderland and starts to preparing for it. Jessica is not a normal person however, she stands out with her bathtub in the middle of nowhere and she is not ashamed of it. And that is the point of the song. Regardless of how wacky of a dream it is, you should just “fly” for it and not look back when going forward. It was a very nice video and concept to show the message. The video for Love Me The Same fitted the tone and tune that we got out of the song. From colour tones in the video to the close-up shots of her, everything seemed to fall into place for this video. Loved the cute pancake scene.  Even the fake clouds looked really cool.

Didn’t see much of a dance for Fly. What I saw did fit the song (somewhat). Cute bobbing and hair fluffing. Would have loved to see her promote her music on the stage, though. There is a dance for Love Me The Same, but I feel like the dance could have been omitted. The dance makes no difference whatsoever.

Sorry for the short review and somewhat confusing review. Writing this on a minimal amount of sleep. And honestly, most of this was written weeks ago. Just never had the time to look over it. Hence I finished it off and some parts may sound disjointed.

Fly – 7.5/10

Love Me The Same – 6/10


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