[Review] Windy Day – Oh My Girl

A sudden return for this girl group. But I am not complaining. Oh My Girl returned with Liar Liar in April and have made a sudden comeback with the repackaged version of their album. Their newest track, Windy Day, is a song that you will listen to every single day, not just on a windy day.

I just want to say how freaking amazing this track is. I am jumping for joy as we speak. I have been jumping for joy ever since the song was released. This song probbaly has to be my vote for Best Song of the Year. I love everything about this song, from the lyrics to the instrumental, to the vocals. Everyone sings at such a high note in this song, it amazes me. It blows my mind. There is a  very nice ethnic feel to the song, when the beat drops. It gives a fresh feel to the song and isn’t something that you find often in the industry. The song itself resembles the weather. It starts off calm, but as the chorus kicks in the weather starts to get a little breezy. Once that beatiful ethnic sound comes, the breeze turns into 100 km/h winds, that blow you away. Hahahaha…. I sing along to it everytime I listen to it and it is a song that I have yet to get tired of. By far, one of the best songs of the year so far. And probably an example of the “perfect song”. Oh and it sounds like the summer sequel to Closer, which is also by them. Listening to the song, I get the same goosebumps that Closer gave me.

The music video has the Alice In Wonderland feel to it, with a side of craziness. But first of all, let’s look at the beautiful scenery that this video has to offer. It looks very beautiful and breathtaking. Not a big fan of the dark filter placed on top of the shots, but hey, it adds to the breathtaking view. The shots are a little incoherent. I make no sense of the girls in red and the girls in white; some with antlers; while others love the wind and some find it an inconvience. They come together for a reason though, but I have no idea what. I checked some comments, and no one knows what is going on. Like what I said about the weather in the previous paragraph, the song and weather idea fits in with the video. Also love, how the introduced the wind into the video. The use of the gun and opening the box to release the 1000 year old wind. Even though I could not make any sense of the video, I loved it nonetheless.

The dance is defintely amazing. It fits the song quite nicely and I have no complaints. It picks up appropirately with the song and slows down when it is required. It fits the sweet and beautiful nature of the video. The moves themselves look hard, along with the formation that they use.

Overall, one of the best songs, videos and dance put together. Overall, it makes me smile and speechless at the same time. 10/10


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