[Review] Lucky One – EXO

EXO is back and I will be reviewing both Lucky One and Monster. Not in the ‘double review’ format, though, since I want to talk about both songs. Their album has managed to break records that the group has set themselves including massive pre-sale numbers and the highest selling numbers in the first week alone. They, of course, conquered the charts and once again, proved to Korea and the world that they are not a force to be reckoned with.

My favourite track off the entire album. Lucky One caught my attention almost immediately and I essentially fell in love with the track. It is so damn catchy and addictive to listen to. The song brings you back to the funky days of disco. It is a style that is more retro than any of their other tracks or releases, so it is quite different from the normal EXO sound we would associate with them. The funky instrumental is also a favourite of mine. The vocals and rapping were smooth and fitted the song quite well. I love the change in tempos for different parts of the song. Even the change in tempo matches up with the vocals and I think that gave the song a great effect overall. Usually, different tempos do not string together well, but everything in this track flows quite well. Out of all the EXO tracks that I have heard, I think this has to be one of best ones (for my personal taste) and put it up there with Love Me Right, which I loved so much from last year.

The video here is quite good. The video opens up with these futuristic nurses or experimenters rolling in EXO, who are lying in bed. They get injected with some blue magic fluid, which seems to awaken something in their body (I wrote that last part 5 different times, each time giving off a perverted and dirty feel). There is a moment where scenes of the moon and space. Kind of links it back to their original concept from having superpowers and being from another planet. Something clicks and they start to escape from the hospital/experimentation centre. Using superpowers that they probably recovered and from what I see from the majority of the second half of the video, their good looks. It is as if they tempt the nurses/experimenters in the video. Once the girls get distracted by the guys, well, they self-destruct. In the most painful (but instantaneous way possible. Kind of similar how fangirls/boys will “self-destruct” of their favourite band or bias looks at them. They find every way possible to escape and tempt the females (for example, Kai dancing. Pretty cool yet no one (I repeat, NO ONE including Kai) knows why he was to dance there). The other problem was finding a way out of the area. Well, because it (and quite cleverly) is a maze in the form of the EXO symbol. Overall, I thought it was a great video that matched the tempo of the song. When the song was slow, the video was slow and so on. I love the different camera angles at the start as if the camera man was floating in space and the use of editing in the video.

I am starting to realise that there are no flaws to Lucky One. Everything so far is just perfect. And if you are wondering about the dance, I think it is was perfect as well. I would have liked something with more power (maybe more hip thrusting). So many hip thrusting in the video. But what we see matched the song perfectly. And the start where they are all moving their heads side to side (it looks funny, but it fits the song).

Longest review I have written in ages. Final Rating – 10/10


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