[Review] On The Road – DIA

DIA has returned. This is my first time reviewing the girls. For those who are unfamiliar with this new girl group, they are currently a seven-member girl group under MBK Entertainment, which also houses T-Ara. They made their debut last year with Somehow and also released My Friend’s Boyfriend. On The Road is their first comeback for 2016. Some members of the group featured on the Produce 101 show and is also part of IOI. Currently the lineup of the group includes Eunice, Hui Hyeon, Jenny, Yebin, Eun-Jin, Chaeyon and Eunchae. The group’s former leader, Seunghee, withdrew from the group once her contract with the company expired at the start of the year.

The song is quite good, but it isn’t amazing. It didn’t blow me away and I am a little disappointed by it. It is a catchy song and I think that is why I like it. Particularly the chorus. The somewhat long note at the end of each chorus gives the “quite standard catchy” chorus more of a hook to it. It is a great song to have to play on in the background. The song isn’t heavy nor extremely loud, so it won’t distract you in any way. Their vocals compliment the overall balance of the pitch and tempo of the song. Same as the rap. Neither overpowered the instrumental or any other components of the song. What this song needed more of is harmony. They already sound quite good, but a little more background vocals or harmony with the other members could have made the song a lot better.

The music video was pretty boring. Again, it was quite standard and that was disappointing. Such a good song, with such a bland video. Basically, it is that formula of closeups and choreography, nothing more to it. There are some other shots with the girls and a guy, but there isn’t anything to talk about in those scenes. I want to say and speak about the video more, but there honestly was nothing to talk about.

The dance was boring as well. I am not fond of their live stages. But I guess the dance does fit the song. It is very underwhelming and lacks a lot of appeal. Maybe because the song isn’t heavy and “loud” that they adopted this style of dance, but overall, I would have like something with a little more powerful. (I guess I am all powerful choreography this and powerful dance that nowadays).

Final Rating –  5.5/10


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