[Review] Emptiness – Madtown

Slowly catching up. Getting there, but ever so slowly. Madtown has made their first comeback of the year with their third mini album. Their last comeback was OMGT, released in November 2015.

When it comes to this particular song, I am in the middle. I don’t think it is genuinely a bad song, but there is clearly a lot of room to make the song better. While the song has a really nice RnB feel to it, I do think the autotune at the start was not required. Sure, it made the song interesting, but comparing the start of the song with the actual choruses (where no autotune was used), the choruses sound more decent and carry more emotions with it. Their vocals are a little flat. That might be caused by the actual instrumental, but some parts in the song seem to be lacking. I think the best way to describe the song is my straight line example. The entire song sits nicely on the straight line, but that makes it boring and deters me from wanting to listen to the song. The instrumental itself sounds pretty nice. I would have liked a more hard-hitting rap, though. There is a rap sequence, but it doesn’t satisfy my ears.

The video was boring. It fits the song pretty well and it falls into what we expected, especially with the lyrics about feeling empty. The black and white contributed to the overall end product of the video. The video does look quite cheap (and probably the reason why I would label it as a bad video if it was in colour). But the video looked more sophisticated and well polished with the black and white filter. Their acting was okay. Would have liked something that showed a little more chemistry. Or maybe a few scenes that were a little longer. But what we have is decent enough and tells the heartbreak or “emptiness” pretty well.

The dance was standard. Again, nothing was there to amaze me. A decent dance routine can go a long way. But then again, incorporating a dance to a slow song is pretty hard. I am one to avoid dances with ballads and other types of slow songs, but this is a song and performance that would require a dance to keep it interesting. It matched the RnB feel and the slow tempo of the song.

Final Rating – 4.5/10




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