[Review] She – VRomance

Another boy group has made their debut. VRomance is a4 member boy group, currently under Rainbow Bridge World, which also houses Mamamoo. This group is considered to be Mamamoo’s brother group. The group consists of Janghyun, Hyun Kyu, Chan Dong and Hyun Seok.

This is a solid song. It may not be many people’s cup of tea, but it definitely shows that this band has great vocals and a lot of talent. Truly a group to look forward to. The song is catchy and has a pleasant feel to it (aka. another song that doesn’t sound too heavy on your ears). The song is jazz/swing-based, with hints of pop scattered within it. It isn’t really common within the industry for a group to promote Jazz based song, however, as proven by Mamamoo and their debut song, they might do well in the future. As I mentioned before, the group has amazing vocals and that can be said about every individual member. Though  I am not familiar with the members of the group, what I hear tells me that they all have great potential and they all shined in this song. The high note and their harmony were well done and the taking turns in the chorus gives each of the members individual time to shine. While the song is quite giddy and all, I would have liked if there was a little rap section. It may make or break the song, but the song doesn’t feel complete. I think that is what excessive listening to KPOP do to you. Miss elements of songs which could potentially ruin it. Overall, I liked it a lot. Good debut song. Oh and “Hello, Hello, Hello ~” (love this part).

The music video is a little dry. It has that romantic feel that the song is trying to communicate across. It has that jazz and swing vibe going on. But, it just feels boring to watch. The featuring of Hwasa in the video doesn’t really make it better. If anything, I would feel the same way without her featuring in the video. Though, I did like the choppiness of the start (which is also the same as the teaser). It is different and it draws your attention into the video. It just doesn’t add up with the video. The featuring of the couples in the video gave the song that more romantic feeling and a cute element. Cause there is no other way to express interest and love but through dancing. The guys, dressed in the pink suits, did look quite obnoxious. I do prefer them in a more neutral colour or like their stage outfits. They look more a laid back band and more relatable, rather than a bunch of pink flamingos.

There isn’t much of a dance to this song. Unless you consider minimal footwork behind a microphone stand and leaning the stand to one side as a dance. But, I must mention the passing of the microphone is pretty cool. No, amazing. It is timed so well and perfection is key for the performance to work. I love to see some bloopers or mistakes on stage, mainly because this performance is 100% prone to them.

Final Rating – 8/10

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