[Review] Crying – Stellar

Stellar has returned with another Summer song. Their previous release was at the start of the year (Sting).

I am a little torn about the song. Not saying it is bad in any way because it is honestly a pretty good song. However, it just sounds like a typical KPOP song and I am a little disappointed that the song falls under that description. There is a retro vibe in the song through the instrumental. The EDM based instrumental (which fits the Summer season perfectly) was pretty good, however, it did feel quite bland. Some bass or some other hook in the instrumental (maybe like a different instrument or beat) could have done the song some wonders. I was honestly yawning the few times I have heard the song. The vocal work and everything else is amazing. I could see a large potential in the song. Only if the instrumental was manipulated to be better. It honestly feels like an unfinished song and the producer (who I am pretty sure have put out continuous hits in the past) just forgot to add the bass component to the song. Minus the instrumental, the song is nice to listen to. It flows very well and while I do complain about it being bland, I do find it catchy (to an extent).

Hmmm.. Another video that I probably will never take seriously. Very dramatic video. The video opens up with a dramatic rewind of the ending of the video. It begs the question, what really happened at that poolside that very day. The video then pans to an out of control car, which the girls are driving in. The girls are originally on a holiday. But when they find out that their man is cheating on them, they bring out the water guns and race over to the pool. They plan their revenge by wearing robber’s mask and use their water guns filled with ammo (aka. water, but at some parts: actual gunfire – my guess is that then ran out of actual gun ammo after breaking all the glassware, so they opted for the massive supply of pool water). Once there, they start shooting everyone alike. They shoot the pool girls on the chest, who fall back in the pool. Once the girls are taken cared over, they deal with the dude. While my take on the plotline is questionable, I do find the editing (i.e. slow motion and gunfire) very dramatic and hence my attempt at telling the dramatic storyline. Another thing I noticed about the video, it isn’t overly sexual. Stellar’s videos in the past have been said to be overly sexual, but the most sexual part was the water rolling down the girl’s chest. That scene was probably thrown in there to draw the male demographic’s attention. Overall, the video was okay.

The dance was really bland and boring. I watched a few performance but don’t think the dance is fitting enough with the song. The dance seemed to be made for more of a “lighter” song, rather the EDM kind. Maybe the lack of bass was intentional. But it is disappointing.

Final Rating – 5/10


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