[Review] Stuck – Monsta X

Monsta X previously made their comeback with All In. Another song that was released with All In was Stuck. Stuck was chosen as another special release and was promoted on shows for 2 weeks. While it does not have an official music video, there is an accompanying “special” video that I will dive into very briefly.

With that last statement, I feel like I am reviewing Stuck mainly for the song. Stuck is such an awesome song. How did I not notice it before? I think Stuck is a very unique song, despite it being somewhat similar to their previous releases. Monsta X is doing pretty well with this rough and edgy eletronic EDM sound. All their songs so far that I have listened to tend to fall into that genre. Stuck is more sophiscated, in the fact that the song isn’t as simple or clear cut. The vocal work in this is amazing and so are the raps. But let me focus a little on the vocals. There is something about each time they start the chorus. It stood out for me from the get-go and I think it makes the song amazing. It leads into the rest of the chorus quite well and I like that for that. The song is (obviously) powerful and from the start to the end, you can definetely hear that load of power. Regardless if you are listening to it on full blast or full blast with your earphones is (don’t judge – and it was by accident). Personally, I really like the song and think (as mentioned above) it is really awesome.

The video that was released with it includes a few close up shots but majority of it is cheorprgaphy. Nothing to mention about the video. Would have loved a full music video however this still does the job nicely. The video was filmed in an abonaded place that when paired with the song, matches the edgy feel I was talking about before.

Moving to what Monsta X does really well. The dancing is extraordinary. There is no arguments against that. It fits the song perfectly (from the power feel to the clean cut moves that matches the clean cut beat). It hit the expectation bar quite nicely. I just do not watch it enough to bang on about it. I write this review more for the song (as I said) than anything else.

Final Rating – 9/10 


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