[Review] Whatta Man – I.O.I

I.O.I are currently one of the trendiest groups in KPOP at the moment. For those who don’t know who I.O.I. are (the first thing should be: where on earth have you been?), they are a girl group formed from the show Produce 101. The top 11 girls went on to debut in I.O.I who will continue with activities, until they are to disband in January 2017. Some of the 11 girls are from girl groups who have recently debuted, so the last times the girls performed as  a group of 11 was with Dream Girls (which I did not review). Now, the girls have returned with 7 members and their new song, Whatta Man.

Sounds familiar, do you say? Well, the song is a remake of What A Man by Linda Lyndell and Whatta Man by Salt ‘N’ Pepa. I.O.I’s version is obviously going to be more modern and I like it (to be exact – half of it). Love the rock inspired instrumental , which sounds really fitting for the song. This song sounds more powerful and gives off a nice strong vibe than the originals.The vocal work in the chorus and the instrumental is phenomenal.However, I do think the vocal work of some of the members needs to be improved. They kept the strong vocalists for the chorus and left the other members to do the verses, which is smart, but it kind of gives off an empty feel when I started to listen to the verses. I personally do not listen to the song for the verses, but for the catchy chorus. I would like to see future releases and see some of the other members get their moment to shine, though.

So the music video opens up with one of the members on a date with a handsome guy. He is uninterested in the girl, who is devastated  when he leaves. Her friends are concerned for her and decide to the girl a makeover. So they start redoing her makeup, choosing her clothing and teaching her how to be confident. And while it is as cliche as it sounds, the guys fall for the girl after she becomes “stronger” in the end. It is a pretty simple, yet overdone plot. Besides that, I don’t really have much else to say about the video.

Once again, the dance also goes for the strong  and powerful vibe that I was talking about before. I personally think it looks really cool and nice. Not sure about the latex style outfits, though.Everyone assumed the girls were going for the sexy concept when the photos of the girls in the latex was released. YMC Entertainment (their company) scoffed and questioned why everyone assumed so. I was like everyone else and thought it was going be a disaster. But hey, they managed to pull it off with a fitting dance to go with it as well.

Final Rating – 6/10


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