[Review] Secret – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

WSJN (Cosmic Girls) have returned to the stage with their brand new mini-album, The Secret. This is their first comeback since their debut. It is also Yeonjung’s first time performing with the group. She was previously a Produce 101 trainee and was also chosen to be part of the lineup of I.O.I. She had taken time off from I.O.I to promote with Cosmic Girls and will return to the temporary group once her promotions (for Secret) with her group are over.

I freaking love this song. I am in awe. I am amazed. I can barely contain my excitement while I write this. Because everything in this review will be praising the song and the entire comeback. For those who don’t remember, I was not  fond of Mo Mo Mo (their debut track). This is definitely an improvement in all aspects. I loved the funky/retro instrumental that I would have associated with Space and the universe when I was younger. The vocal work (especially in the chorus) was superb. The rapping here is 100% improved from their last release. There was a nice kick to it this time that really drew my attention to it. The song was catchy and addictive. As soon as I heard it, I fell for it and this song has been replayed every day ever since it was released. I was satisfied from start to end and I have no complaints about anything in the song.

That Space sound that I mentioned before, it was definitely incorporated and reflected in the video. The video reminded me of  Lovelyz’s Destiny for the camera angles and the way the video was shot. It also reminded me of Brown Eyed Girl’s Brand New World for the futuristic and universal concept. I am not saying that they copied the mentioned videos, just it reminded me of them. Anyway regarding the content of the video, I have no idea with what is going on. It seems like they are wishing upon a star (hopefully) or doing some weird astrology mashed up with witchcraft. There was an air of mysteriousness in the video, which looked really cool and I also liked that a lot. Even though the majority of the video was shot with a green screen and some shots were cheesy to watch, I thought it was a nice looking video. I am not disgraced or disappointed by anything in the video, though. I love the choreography scenes a lot. While I am quite sure they shot that in a studio with the green screen (I may be wrong), they made it look so much like outside but with an artificial component to it as well.

Dance wise, I loved it. A lot of likes and love with this review. Since there are so many members, it is very hard to get everyone proper screen time and the movement around the stage is always hard for a group with many members. But Cosmic Girls have done it effortlessly. I love the start of the dance, where they split into groups and strut out in diagonal lines. Also liked the chorus dance as well.

Final Rating – 10/10. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to get into WJSN (Cosmic Girls).


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