[Review] Love Paint – NU’EST

NU’EST returned earlier in the year with Overcame. I haven’t heard anything from the group since then, so this introduction will be very small. Now, they have returned (unexpectedly) with Love Paint and their fifth mini album.

I am still warming up to this song. I am going to be honest, my views on the song could change in a few days. I just thought it was an odd mix of sounds. The classical start and the mix of electronic sounds had me cringing. The chorus caught me off guard and I was wondering where they were going with this. But listening to it a few times, I feel like the song taps into what the whole concept was about and what they are singing about. The song was as if it was a canvas and the sounds (along with the vocals and the raps) were like that paint. The track is quite artistic. Didn’t appreciate at first, but I do see it (well, hear it) more clearly. I do like the chorus quite a bit now and I am in love with the instrumental. I would have loved to hear more that classical start throughout the song. The song was mainly an EDM-based song afterwards, with a small hint of classical. It probably would have made the artistic feel I felt more apparent sooner. But nonetheless, I don’t mind the song at all now. I am just not 100% committed to it (yet). The vocals were okay, but I love Baekho’s vocals for the chorus. Very strong and matches the instrumental quite well.

The music video has a nice artistic vibe to it. It is a tad boring. Let’s start off with the choreography shots. I am quite a minimalistic person when it comes to these things. Simple is always better than over doing it. Them dancing shots were pretty nice. Dark room, with a few lights in the back and the guys at the centre of attention. What more do you need? I would really love it if a dance version came out (like right now) for my (and your viewing pleasure). The literal camera shots filmed at an angle and spinning around gives off that nice minimalistic vibe but emphasises the artistic side of the video. As for the rest of the video, I had no idea what was going on. From what I could tell from the video, there isn’t a plot. It is more like the guys are thinking about their love. I would have liked it if the video was more interesting somehow. It would give me something to speak about and at the same time, make me go back to the video more times to try and appreciate it even more.

Not really impressed with the choreography. It looked pretty cool in the video, but on the stage, it is quite lacking and dull. There really is no memorable bits at all and I am a little disappointed. It might stem from the fact that there is nothing in the song that really acts as a “hook” (well, at least that is what I see). I think I just play the performances on YouTube, just to listen to the song (in this case).

Final Rating – 6.5/10


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