[Review] On The Way Home – Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill has finally returned after a year and a half. They have returned with a new single, On The Way Home that has sparked a little concern from fans (I included). This song along with the video really alludes towards disbandment for the group, which everyone does not want to happen. They are extremely underrated and unfortunately have not found the right momentum in the industry as of yet. However, their songs have always been iconic. Now, I will talk about reasons why I think the “we are disbanding” message is being given off from the song and video later on. The description of the video somewhat downplays this speculation. However, I’ve read that when the company was asked, the company simply replied with “Nothing is confirmed yet”. Furthermore, I am also reading that Seungah posted about leaving the dorms to live elsewhere. Though we have to wait for a confirmation to make it official, it seems like a lot is going in favour of this disbandment. But as I mentioned before, hopefully not. Writing this introduction has me in tears because I love Sunny Hill and I will support them. And as you can this review is going to be a long one.

Listening to the song for the first time, I honestly fell in love with the song. I have liked most (if not all) of Sunny Hill’s songs. From Midnight Circus to Here I Am, I think everything they put out is amazing. The song has a nice pop vibe but at the same time has a nice ballad feel to it. There is a hint of electronic in it as well, which they have done it in the past. It is just, this time, they tone it down a lot. The girls sing quite a bit about ‘going home’ and that they keep on asking themselves “why do they look back”, making the process of going home a lot harder. That is the evidence I was talking about in the song. Moving along, their vocals fit the song amazingly. While the song is quite upbeat and more on the “happy” side, you can tell there is a hint of emotions in their vocals. It is like every other Sunny Hill ballad they have put out there. They do everything to the perfect extent. I would love if the vocals in the verses were a little stronger. I know the members who sang these parts aren’t really the best singers out there, but at least throw in some backing vocals to give some depth to them.

We see each member in the video in different lives. One of them is currently with a partner, another is working, another is travelling and I don’t know what Misung’s character is doing (maybe unemployed – I don’t know). But each of them is fed up with their current situation (in the video) and you can tell them that life is putting a lot of pressure on them. So they start to move along with their escape or exit from their lives. They all talk on the phone for a bit in the video. I don’t know if that is calling “daddy and mama, I’m coming home” or if they are communicating with each, in agreeance with each other’s departure. But let’s skip forward. Here is where it gets to me and has a lot of people concerned. When each member returns to their home, prior to opening their doors and saying “I’m home” to their family, they look behind them, to a small television which plays two of their past hits: Midnight Circus and Goodbye To Romance. For a moment, and we all see it, a hint of sadness. Then they turn back to their houses and go inside. It is a great video (though I don’t like the pale filter) that packs a punch. Whatever story they are telling, it is amazing and I love it.

Final Rating – 9.5/10 – No I didn’t give them a high score just because it could potentially be their final song and video ever. It is based purely on my views on the song and video.

In the end, whatever happens with Sunny Hill, I, as a fan, will support them. Even if it is parting ways and doing their own thing, like any other band, I will wish them the very best. If they stay together, then I will continue my support. Watch the video, share it, like it!!!


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