5 years…

So today I decided to go onto WordPress.com and see what is going on. In the corner of the web page was an orange square, with a trophy on it. I click on it and it pops up a message. It congratulated me on the past 5 years. 5 years of KPOPreviewed. Wow, has time went by quickly or what?

Image result for celebration gif

Yeah, the progress  is slow and the site doesn’t seem to have grown much. But I enjoy what I do. I like it when you guys follow this website. I like it when you guys comment or like my post. More importantly, I like it when you guys read my posts. Sometimes you agree with them, sometimes you don’t. In my memory, I don’t think I ever got one bad message. Given what I  post, I am honestly surprised, but at the same time relieved I haven’t faced that yet.

To be honest, I am in a slump. I honestly do not know what I am doing in life at the moment. I live concerned for my future ( i.e. financial stability, social life, health). A lot of those things I am currently trying to work on (or in the near future), but it stills scares me. Having this site means a lot to me. It is a thing that I picked up 5 years ago and have continued with it. You could say a hobby or an activity that takes my mind off things. By you reading, liking, following and commenting; it puts a smile on my face. And for that, I thank you.

Thank you for the memories! I am sure some of you guys have stuck around for some time and others may have just followed this site recently. It all means a lot to me and I cannot say this enough, but thank you!

I am sorry if I came off depressed in this post. It just hit home when I saw fives years. I personally don’t know how long I will be on here. 5 more years? Maybe just 1? Who knows? Life is spontaneous this way. Just I do have a few plans for a few more things for the website, so I think I will be around for a while.

Once again, thank you for the past five years. Enjoy reading my posts and of course, KPOP. Make sure you guys like, comment and follow my site. All appreciated. I also have a Twitter, which I will try to update every now and then, especially, if I disappear for exams or an overload of work. That can be found down below (just click the Twitter bird). And sorry if you are expecting a post today :D.

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