[Review] Doo Doom Chit – Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop has returned with their first album ever. After their number 1 hit, Bar Bar Bar put the spotlight on the girls, they have garnered a lot of attention for their somewhat odd yet cute concepts. Their catchy songs have garnered attention from a lot of people. So it’s about time that they release their first album and with it comes their next title track, Doo Doom Chit.

Another song that South Korea is probably skipping out on. This song has the ability to be the next big hit, but sadly, it hasn’t yet. This ticks off all the key characteristics that made Bar Bar Bar such a hit. It is really catchy and addictive to listen to. The song, while still keeps to the cute sound that the girls have been known for, digs deeper into the roots of EDM. It also has a hint of retro in the song’s instrumental as well. I also love the incorpartion of the saxphone in the chorus. Really gets you into the song. The rapping is surprisingly good in this song and suits it perfectly. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but still give it a try. The only thing I would change with the song is the chorus. Unfortunately, I think the chorus is a stretch for the girls. Not saying that they suck at singing, it just different people shines in different tones and volumes. While it sounds perfected (of course) in the audio version, the live version sounds off.

The music video falls onto the boring side. Essentially, in the music video, whenever the saxaphone playing cat comes around and blows into the saxaphone, the girls start dancing the choregraphy for this comeback. Similar to a snakecharming, but with humans and a cat that plays the saxaphone. I guess the video was made to look like wherever the girls go, the cat goes with them. You could tell they had an low budget compared to their last releases. It is also nice to see the girls in something a little more ‘normal’. While those helmets took South Korea by storm in Bar Bar Bar, dressing up as Christmas trees, tracksuits and like country side folks really makes these school outfits ‘normal’. Hahahaha… Also, the girls look really good. I don’t think I ever noticed their visuals before due to their eye catching outfits in the past, but they are all really quite pretty (sorry if I came off rude here).

Dance is really cool Very easy to follow. Somewhat like what we always thought ancient Egyptians danced like. Hahaha… But seriously, a lot of aspects for this comeback mirrors Bar Bar Bar song, even to the choregraphy.

Rating – 7.5/10


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