[Double Review] Beside Me + Love Is – Davichi

The Queens of Ballads have finally graced the stage in 2016. Davichi has officially made their comeback with double title tracks. The first track is titled as Beside Me and the other one is Love Is.  It’s been a while since I last reviewed them. The have also changed companies moving from MBK Entertainment to CJ E&M.

I freaking love Davichi ballads. They always have this fresh feel. Both songs managed to have that fresh feel, yet at the same time had a different element that kept the songs unique. Beside Me appeals to me because, while it is a ballad, there is an element of catchiness. Haeri sings one particular section of the song, the chorus, which caught my ears as soon as I listened to it. For a ballad, it is damn catchy. That is my favourite part of the song. That being said, the rest of the song is equally amazing. You could literally feel the emotion poured into this song. The lyrics portray the heartbreak pretty well, but their vocals just add another level of depth to it. While you think the rollercoaster of emotion is over, Love Is just decides to come along and dumping a lot of feelings. This song is much slower, but there is probably 100 times more emotion in this song. The reason why I like this song is that there is a lot of elegance when they sing the song. Especially the chorus where they emphasis that one word (or syllable): mwo (뭐). It sounds amazing. Their vocals have never been a joke and this just proves that even more. I also love how the start has a really soft instrumental and it slowly builds up into a beautiful orchestra piece. The vocals start of loud, but not too loud. As the instrumental builds up, it gave me an impression that the vocals were fading and fitted snuggly into the song. By the end, there was that amazing balance that I seek in song and ballads (especially Davichi’s ballad) portray amazingly.

Beside Me is a very mysterious video and the concept is quite matching to the song. The girls are in this foggy forest, running around, looking for their ‘lost’ love. The girls sing about how he must have forgotten about them and how they will always be there for their lover. Them running around the forest, the hallway, desperately looking for their love in their long dresses made the video quite powerful and meaningful. While not running around, the close up shots were captured the beauty of the girls really nicely. Love Is stars Lee Jong Suk has the main character. This music video is amazing for a number of reason. Lee Jong Suk is an amazing actor and his acting in the video is perfection. We see LJS arrive at this home and he seems to reminisce about the old times. That’s because in the video, he returns to his family home for either’s his father’s funeral or death anniversary. The memories get a little too much and when he faces his dad, he is overcome with emotion, crying while bowing down to his father’s portrait. Amazing video. The emphasis on those everyday sounds like picking up the mail, flipping the picture, the raining coming down etc. gave off a surreal sense of reality and added some more of that level of emotion (mainly because Davichi’s vocals and LJS’s acting isn’t enough). Both are amazing videos.

I cannot differentiate the videos and songs. They are both pieces of perfection to my ears and eyes, just in their own way.

Beside Me – 10/10
Love Is – 10/10

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