[Review] Better Day – 100%

It has been a while since we all last heard from 100%. They were last on stage as 100% back in 2014 with Beat. Since then, we have not heard anything from them until earlier this year when Changbum announced that he had left the group. That put the group back on the map for me (because I completely forgot about them), who also announced that they will be coming back. And hence why we are here today.

I like the song quite a bit. It is a pretty good song to have them return back to the stage with. The song does have a boring element to it. The only thing that keeps me listening to their song is their solid chorus and their unique instrumental. Their instrumental has a nice classical influence and sounds quite refined (from the violins to the piano, everything here is amazing). That introduction and ending caught my attention (I don’t know what it is called, but that sound was amazing) and the chorus fits the song perfectly. Through the chorus, you can tell that the members are vocally talented. But the vocals were also their downfall in my books. The verses were dry, bland and very boring. If the chorus or the instrumental weren’t there, I would have skipped this song. A little more bass to the chorus would have done wonders to the song as well. The rapping is quite good. The song flowed quite nicely despite my comments on the chorus. Overall, a solid song for a return after a 2-year absence.

The song also had a dark and edgy feel to it. That was portrayed quite nicely in the music video. The majority of the video was just close up of the guys singing. There were a few scenes which had a female lead, but they aren’t much to discuss. Like literally, they are close-ups of the girl staring mysteriously at the camera. And the guys do that or have these faces of sorrow or regret. Love the feeling of the video, but overall it was boring to watch.

Fitting the classical and elegant sound, the group has pulled off a great choreography. While managing to pull out amazing stable vocals and raps, the group still manages to wow me with their dance. I don’t why, but watching them, I felt like they have shown a lot of improvement since their last set of promotions.

Rating – 7/10


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