[Review] The Rain – Ladies Code

Ladies Code have returned to the stage with a brand new track, The Rain. They made their previous comeback earlier this year with Galaxy.

This song is freaking amazing. Perfection to my ears. It’s one of the songs out there, where you just listen once and then you just fall in love with it. This song continues on from Galaxy, with such an edgy and dark vibe oozing from the song. But this song is much better than Galaxy. Each element in the song is amazing and quite strong on its own. But when you add them together, it equates to a very strong piece of music. The instrumental has a nice jazzy sound coming out of it. On top of that, a pretty striking piano is heard at the start. The chorus becomes quite funky. The tempo immediately slows down after each chorus, but it works for this song. While the vocals aren’t that impressive in this song (Sojung’s husky/strong vocals seems to be the only one that fits in well, with the other member’s voice a little weak), they seem to work somehow. Again, with many songs nowadays, the build up is amazing. Yes, it fluctuates, but make the song come together quite nicely. I am not a major fan of abrupt endings, but the way this song ended, seem to fit in with the rest of the song quite nicely.

The music video is quite anaesthetic. I love the sets in the video and all the closeups.  There is something about a metal ball dropping onto glass quite interesting. Paired with the launch into each chorus, I think they tie well together in terms of effect. The fishes, not too much. A little cruel, but let’s not get into there. I noticed that a lot of things in the video seem to match the tempo of the song. When it becomes slow, the video shows a member walking or slow rain drops. When the chorus kicks in, particuarly the final chorus, everything is a lot faster, such as the transitions between shots and the overall content in the scene. I love the use of the floral umbrellas used in a few sets. They do look cheesy, but they do add a hint of elegance to the video. The onyl problem I have are those clothing pieces with the yelow flowers on it. I am not one to talk fashion. I have a terrible fashion sense, but they look pretty bad. Something with a more minialistic vibe would have looked better in the video.

I should ban myself from using the word ‘amazing’, but this choreography is amazing. Once again, the dance matches the tempo of the song all throughout. There is also a nice sense of elegance to the dance as well, particularly, the final pose and the dance to the chorus, which kind of goes hand in hand with that jazzy sound.

Rating – 9/10




2 thoughts on “[Review] The Rain – Ladies Code

  1. I think the fishes are fake (unless the one who are falling down) and yes, a very strong comeback and this will be a trilogy so expect another song with those vibes!


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