[Review] Give It To Me – Se7en

Seven is finally back. His last promotions were during 2013, prior to his enlistment into the South Korean army. Hence, this officially marks his first release since 2013 and the completion of his military duties. Seven was previously a part of YG Entertainment, but in 2015, Seven parted ways with YG Entertainment and recently established Eleven9 Entertainment.

Being an artist who used to delve a lot into the RnB genre in Korea, this is a lot different to what he normally releases. Under YG, he kind of kept to one or two genres. With his return after two years, he went with a dance/party song with a lot of funk, something that I am quite sure he has not attempted at all yet. A pretty nice song to dance to at a party if you ask me honestly. Especially, the ‘bow-wow’ part at the end of the song. Or those “okay-okay” lines just prior to the chorus. The chorus is by far the peak of the song. The verses were pretty bland and boring to listen to. His vocals were quite lacking in the song. He relied heavily on background vocals to provide support to his song. Without it, the entire song would feel bland just like all his verses. But the way he repeated a lot of the instrumental sounds and lyrics made the song quite addictive and catchy to listen to. Overall, I think it is a good song, but definitely lacking at certain points.

The music video was pretty boring. Much like the song, there was definitely a funk element that went into the video. However, there really ain’t much in the video to talk about. Seven waking up and sliding his way out of his apartment isn’t much to comment on. Nor the transitions in the video, which I am not a fan of. Or the fact that he is sitting in a barber shop with no barber in there. The scenes that I did enjoy included his back-up dancers and those parts where he is dancing at the club. It would have been nice to have more of those scenes, mainly because you song alludes to that environment. He could have kept it a little low with the solo scenes and gone for more of that party vibe to heighten the part vibes, in my opinion.

Dance wise, I think it is pretty good. Powerful in its own way. Quite lively and fitting that party vibe which the music video missed. It also gave him a lot of room to move creatively and I think he did just that with this performance. Once again, I do like it when there are more people on the stage with him (such as the ending). But still, the party vibe is there throughout the performance.

Rating – 6.5/10


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