[Review] Very Very Very – I.O.I

I.O.I have officially returned (as a full group) with their final comeback before disbandment. For those who don’t know, I.O.I is only just a project group formed with the top trainees of Produce 101. The top  11 contestants/trainees formed I.O.I and would promote for 1 year before disbandment (they will returning to their respective companies after disbanding).

Very Very Very is a Very Very Very amazing song. But of course, how is it a Very Very Very amazing song? Well, it is Very Very Very catchy and Very Very Very  addictive. (okay, I will stop now). This is probably their best song. I guess people are right when they say that the best was saved for their last. I liked everything about the song. From the vocals to the really strong and vibrant instrumental. It made the song very fun to listen to. The rapping was superb. Pulling that out of the bag made the song amazing and genuinely surprised me because I didn’t know that certain member could rap so well. The chorus was probably the highlight and probably reeled a lot of people in. Sooner or later (I do hope later, though), it will become really annoying and repetitive. But I haven’t got to that stage yet, so its look good.

The music video reminded me of Russian Roulette. I assume because the same production team or director was employed to produce/direct the video. The strong and vibrant vibes that I felt from the song was portrayed strongly in the music video through the colour scheme and overall end product of the video. All the girls look very cute.  I just don’t understand the need of freckles. I don’t think having freckles make you any cuter, so I don’t really understand why. I also think they might have overdone it with the blush for their promotional pictures. Either way, the video takes you back to the aegyo feels and memories. It has been a while since a decent aegyo filled video was released and this one probably does it right. Or the most comfortable.

I love the dance. Simple and easy. Not that hard, even I can do it. Hahaha… But it fits the beat, the concept and looks Very Very Very impressive overall.

Sorry for the short review. It is sad to see the girls go. But they went out with such an amazing song and their best comeback yet!

Rating – 9/10


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