[Review] Don’t Believe – Berry Good

Berry Good has returned to the stage with a new mini album, Glory, and a new member! Johyun was added to the lineup of Berry Good just prior to the comeback. They previously released Angel earlier this year, which I thought was an amazing song.

I only started listening to Berry Good this year and they wowed me with Angel. Now, they managed to ‘slay’ me with this song. Don’t Believe is not your typical KPOP or Berry Good songs. Berry Good played to their strengths with all their past releases. This time, an element of dance was more dominant than ever, with the song consisting of EDM and dance music incorporated. But that didn’t mean that the group had to forgo their amazing vocals.  The song starts off as if it was their previous songs, like a ballad. But the song progressed into EDM and dance within a few seconds, which caught me by surprise at first. The bridge of the song was spectacular to listen to. The really catchy “Mercy Mercy” really caught my attention when I heard the song (Though I thought they were saying thank you in French for a few days). I was already blown away with the change and just hearing them sing the bridge made everything sound so much better. Loved the instrumental for the dance breaks as well.

The music video was boring to watch. Once again, that bathtub really annoys me. Who thinks of these places to put bathtubs? This time, they just left a bed on the rooftop as well. Because apparently, why not? The video attempted to be anaesthetic but missed the point. Like previous reviews, the shots look random and unstructured. I assume they are trying to tell a story, but they just don’t relevant. My guess is the girls “don’t believe” their lovers anymore and it seems like they are devastated. Kind of what the lyrics are saying, but some of the shots don’t make much sense, particularly some of the scenes with a pair of girls, such as the bathtub scenes. The music video was quite the let down with the song being so good. I have no words to describe what they wore in their choreography scenes. It was like a football jersey, but the backs were cut out and the wore something underneath that I am not sure of.

The dance was okay. It was their first time actually having a routine such as this. Their previous dances have all been simple or been designed for more ballad/slower songs. It was quite weak but they made it appropriate for the EDM track (just barely). However, you can tell that they aren’t suited for this type of dancing.

Rating – 6.5/10


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