Announcement + Survey

Hello all,

A few weeks back I said that I would have an important announcement to make. I should make that announcement before I completely forget about making it entirely (because I think I said it would be up last week).

Well, the announcement is basically as follows: I will be going away for the entire December month and hence will not be able to review any of the comebacks during the last week of November and any comebacks in KPOP that occur during December. Now that doesn’t mean that I will stop reviewing. I have scheduled a lot of reviews and wrote them ahead of time. They carry a message to inform you all that I wrote them a few months back. They will be mainly tracks or comebacks that I missed or passed over due to time constraints.

This will also mean that I will not be able to do any of the end-of-year charts or KPOPreviewed awards until after I return, which will be in 2017. Once I return, I should also attempt to knock out the reviews for December as fast as I can.

In the meanwhile, I ask for your help. I am looking at ways to improve the site in the new year. I just need some feedback or thoughts about this site and the reviews I write. It is a simple survey that as basic questions about you (nothing too personal hopefully –  I just want to know about my demographic that I am writing to). I also ask questions about my reviews and the weekly charts. I’d appreciate it if you complete the survey and look forward to reading your responses.

Click to access the survey here

Enjoy, Troy.

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