[Review] Feel So Good – IMFACT

IMFACT has returned with a brand new song. They made their debut at the start of the year with Lollipop. This is their first return since their debut.

IMFACT’s debut put them on the map for me. Feel So Good is a complete change around and it does take them off that map. They went from a completely bright and fun sound to a dark and boring feel. Usually, I listen to songs multiple times before even attempting a review (hence why my reviews are like 5 weeks behind schedule), but I have only listened to the song a total of 3 times (give or take). So what is the song? The song is a deeply infused hip-hop song that is trying to go to underground and failing miserably. The only part which I like about the song is the vocal part just prior to each chorus. The chorus itself consist of a deep and slow sounding “Feel So Good“. The chorus either feels dragged out too much OR completely empty (literally). I didn’t like the change to ballad/RnB for the bridge. Vocals were okay. Rapping was a little too try-hard. I feel completely terrible with this review. But that is what I feel about the song. Disappointed.

Someone do something about the dreadlocks. WHY??? Why are you doing this?? TThey clearly went back in time and collected their entire wardrobe from the 90s. Maybe back even further. I don’t even get why one of them is bearing a beret. I guess this is what you get for wanting to be fashionable to everything you go to. Even nightly fights. Oh, right, the plot. The video consist of slow motion running, planning and fighting. It seems like they are infiltrating a base of some kind, but you don’t really know what is going on because everything (minus the choreography scenes) is edited with slow motion slapped across it. It makes the entire video painful to watch.

Okay, I feel exceptionally mean today. But let’s move onto a part of the comeback which I think is a solid effort. The choreography. Given how the song is, the dance moves all fit the song quite well. Slow dance moves for the slow chorus. Fast dance moves for the more faster parts of the song.

Rating – 2/10 (I apologise)

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