[Review] Strange – MASC

[This review was written and scheduled a few months back in preparation for my absence in December. The standard posts for the end of the year (comebacks I have missed in November & December, the end of year charts + KPOPreviewed awards) will be written and posted after my return. No weekly charts will be uploaded for the last week of November and all of December.]

Another debut that I missed this year. But better late, then never! MASC is a 4 member boy group currently under JJ Holic Media. They made their debut back in August this year. The four members includes Woosoo, 26, A.C.E and Hee Jae. They debuted with the song, Strange, which was part of their first mini album.

Unlike the title, the song is not “strange”. In fact, it is a classy track that has a very smooth instrumental. The song has a very nice electrical guitar sound and also having a nice hip-hop / RnB vibe. The style does remind me of Beast’s songs back in the day. The vocals and rapping of this band are quite nice. I love how the song slows down at the bridge and then it just goes back to being upbeat and smooth with a simple curse word that is bleeped out. In KPOP alone, this is probably one of the few tracks that do contain a bleeped out curse. Would I say they are geniuses or are cool for doing that? Probably not. But because the bleeping out of a word is quite rare in KPOP, it does capture your attention.  The song is quite catchy and it becomes addictive for a while. The song just became overshadowed by other songs released then. Overall, I think the song is quite up my alley.

The video is a little confusing. I pieced together the lyrics and what I saw to get a story. The guys have all fell for this girl, who ends up cheating with someone else. Everyone is pissed or heartbroken when they found out what she was doing. In the video, we see another member fall for her and he gets furiously angry. Besides the plot of the video (which isn’t any more interesting), I found it very boring. They went with a tough guy concept, but their facial expressions look frozen the whole time, especially when it came to the choreography scenes. The acting is a little weird as well. It just was not interesting enough to watch.

Along with their facial expressions, the rest of the choreography look a bit bland as well. I think the song makes it a little hard to show off more of the dancing side to the band. Maybe if they have a song that shows off the dancer side in the group, I think they would look more awesome on stage.

Rating – 7/10


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