[Review] You Bad! Don’t Make Me Cry – Matilda

[This review was written and scheduled a few months back in preparation for my absence in December. For any reviews for the end of November and December comebacks, they will be posted next year. This also includes any end of year related posts.]

This is going to be my final review of the year! And let’s end off with Matilda’s latest release, You Bad! Don’t Make Me Cry. Matilda is a 4-member girl group consisting of Sanbyeol, Haena, DanA and Semmi. You may recognise Haena as a former member of the now-disbanded rookie group Kiss&Cry. The group is currently under BOXMEDIA.  The group debuted in March with year with Macarena.

Another amazing song. On the outside and initial listens, it sounds quite messy. But the different parts do fall into place after listening to it for a number of times. The song has a feel different genres mashed into the song. It was strung together quite well. There are parts of reggae and EDM in the song. There were also smaller segments which I can’t seem to categorise into a genre. While the slowdown does work with the track, it ruined the intensity that the rest of the track had building up. Maybe if it was shorter or even completely omitted, the track could have gone for one more hit out the park, to make it a smashing song. The song also didn’t give the girls a chance to show off any vocal or rapping talent. The song was quite addictive, but I do imagine the song becoming a little annoying in the future. That’s just another prediction that I won’t know if it will happen or not.

The video was okay. Quite a low-budget and the editing, especially for the final chorus, was quite bad as well. Like when I am driving, I hate it when people put their high beam on during the day. In this video, the high beam was on for some of the parts. Luckily those segments were short. But besides that, everything else was okay. The only thing that should have been included somehow was something striking. It is a song that captures your attention, so something in the video should have been there to capture our attention as well.

Their performance isn’t really that interesting. I’ve only played their performance for the song, to be honest.

Rating – 6/10


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