[Double Review] Remember + Paradise – S.E.S

S.E.S have finally regrouped after 13 years for their 20th anniversary. They officially made their comeback on the 1st day of 2017, however, had previously performed on a few stages in 2016. For those who don’t know, S.E.S joins the ongoing trend of first generation groups regroup and making comebacks. S.E.S made their debut in 1997 but later disbanded in 2003. The group lineup remains the same as their early stages, which includes Bada, Eugene and Shoo. Their comeback compromises 2 title tracks, Remember and Paradise.

The group returned with two very different songs. Remember is a ballad that will remind you of the good memories. Listening to it brought a smile to my face and I am sure that it will for you as well. The melodies are really brought out nicely by their sweet and spectacular vocals. Like a few other songs I have reviewed so far, the song has a really soft sound to it, but it makes the song even better in this case. Paradise is a more upbeat song that we tend to link to S.E.S. It takes you back to those days with their retro sounds. Their vocals are also quite nice in this song and their rap is pretty good as well. I absolutely fell for this song while listening to it for the first time. I particularly thought the second half of the chorus (떳떳떳떳떳떳떳떳하게). Quite addictive. The one thing I did notice that while the group do make you remember the retro sounds, they do have elements that fit in with the modern sounds of today. And that actually goes with many of the first generation artists who are fitting in perfectly with the new sounds of generations after theirs.

Remember’s music video is a little boring to watch. It mainly consists of closeups of them singing and walking around. There are a few scenes with extras and a little boy. But those scenes carry no significance to the video besides adding another warm feel to it. That being said, that warm feeling compliments the ballad nature and the overall song. Paradise’s video is more up my alley. The ladies, in this video, shows off a more feminine and mature side. The video is made to look artsy with the different filming effects that they used. However, I feel like that took away from that mature feel that I first got. Though I am quite sure it was meant to be artsy in the first place. It is also quite stunning how they look like they haven’t aged at all. Some parts of the Paradise video reminded me of EXO’s Monster’s video, particularly those security cameras. I actually do enjoy the Paradise video quite a bit and have returned to it a number of times already.

I have yet to see a live performance for Paradise yet. Please link if there is one. But from what I could see in the video, I guess age is just a number. Because these ladies are still dancing as if they just debuted.

Remember – 7/10

Paradise – 8/10


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