[Review] Wonderland – Jessica Jung

Jessica made her return with her second mini-album, Wonderland. The mini-album was released as a special Christmas album (and like every other year, I am extremely delayed with these Christmas related reviews). For those who don’t know who Jessica Jung is, she was formerly a part of Girl’s Generation or SNSD, up until 2014. She made her solo debut and return to music in 2016 with Fly and Love Me The Same.

Wonderland is an okay track. The only part which I am most satisfied with is the instrumental of the song. The song sounds somewhat exotic or tropical with the EDM influences. It drew my attention straight away for its unique sound. Overall, it made the song feel a little more laidback and chill. The rest of the song did fall short. Her vocals are okay, but not her best. The verses felt empty and detached from the rest of the song. The chorus was undeveloped and not that catchy. The only reason why I would listen to the song is for the instrumental. Her vocals don’t seem to get in the way though. Rather, they almost felt like the instrumental of the song (and the instrumental was the vocals). Odd way to describe it, but that is how I feel about the song.

It seems like Jessica has finally upgraded from her house in the middle of the desert to a nice countryside town. Yet, she is still searching for that snow. But the difference is, she finds the snow in this video. And she looks quite happy after finding her “Wonderland”. But like the song, the video fails to attract you. Minus that connection between this video and her debut video, there really is nothing else to touch on. The scenery was quite beautiful, but it wasn’t enough to make the video more appealing.

I actually enjoyed the dance. It was simple but, to me, was quite fitting for the song. The chill feeling that I mentioned earlier was definitely portrayed in the song, as the dance was not too complex. The last thing we need is for the song to be chill and be watching choreography that would have been more suitable for a hardcore dance track!

Rating – 3.5/10 (Sorry)



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