[Review] Mysterious – Hello Venus

Hello Venus has finally returned to the stage. From memory, they did not promote the songs that they released last year. The tracks they released last year (Glow and Paradise) are also included in the recently released mini album, which title track is Mysterious. Last time they were on stage (which was 2015), the group promoted I’m Ill.

I know it is only the start of the year. But this has to be one of the best songs of 2017. I am in love with it. It has been replaying for a number of days already. It is really catchy and addictive to listen to it. What caught my attention was the whistling in the introduction. It is bright and very interesting. I know that there are a few songs that use the whistle intro, but this one does it perfectly and leads very nicely into the song. The verses were a little bland for my taste. The chorus really picks up the song and gives it an extra breath of life into it. Overall, vocals were okay, but there weren’t any stand-out moments. The instrumental provided a great backing for the vocals with the brass instruments taking the instrumental to another level. There is also a nice swing sound in the song. The rapping was very short and that is also another disappointment. There should have been a longer rap portion because: a) the song needs it (what we heard in the chorus was perfect and fitting. It just needed to be extended to give it more impact) and b) the rapper sounds amazing. But while I did find a few flaws in the track, I am still playing this song and will definitely continue with it.

The music video stars Cha Eun Woo from Astro and Seo Kang Joon. Both are label mates of Hello Venus, who are under Fantagio. I guess the plot of the video was that the girls were investigating a very mysterious man, who in this case is Seo Kang Joon. Not sure about Cha Eun Woo’s character, though. I know he plays the conductor or a staff member on the train. But is he helping the mysterious guy or the girls? I am assuming he is helping the guy. The ending could have been many times better. Given the rest of the video, the ending was horrible. I would have expected a plot twist or at least an answer to who the guy is. But instead… ‘Hello Venus?? ‘. Overall, the video was fun to watch (minus the ending of the video). This has to be one of the best videos released by Hello Venus. The sets were bright and vibrant, fitting that nature of the song. Their acting is okay. Seo Kang Joon and Cha Eun Woo did a pretty good job (despite me not knowing what side Eun Woo was on – his facial expressions were pretty good).

The choreography for Mysterious was pretty good. It is fitting for the song and doesn’t necessary go over the top this time. The more mature and feminine concept which they were going for really works well with the group.

Rating – 7.5/10


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