[Review] I Wait – DAY6

DAY6 has started off 2017 with a brand new song. But it isn’t the only thing they are starting off with a new song. They announced that they will be releasing a new song at the start of each month (approximately the 6th of each month) and will prepare concerts for each month. They previously made their comeback back in May 2016 with Letting Go.

If you want your fix of rock in the Korean music industry, you just happened to click on the right review. Let me introduce you to I Wait by DAY6. The song starts off slow, but builds up until it reaches the chorus. Now if you want to start head banging, then the chorus is perfect for that. I am a person who don’t generally listen to rock music. But this song has been one that I have been going back to every single day. The vocals in this song are perfect and shown off really nicely. There is no rap and I am glad that is the case. There is a rock song full of emotion and mellowness. A rap would not have fitted the song. The song overall isn’t that complex, in terms of sound. Easy to rock to and for some reason, it is quite easy to mouth along with the lyrics. The English just rolls off the end of each line effortlessly (I guess that is what you get when you have members who speak English every day). Listening to the song, I could not hear any flaws. Everything was perfect and hopefully, it is a sign of great things for DAY6 and their monthly releases (and everything beyond).

The music video seemed a little cheesy to me. It isn’t a terrible video and I guess that since they will be doing releases per month, the company doesn’t want to go over budget and make everything fancy. But the video could have done with a little more impact. The cloud background was cheesy and didn’t match the video. I believe they tried to match the tempo at each part of the song (other members who sung during more faster pace parts had city scenes and fast-forwarded backgrounds, while Jae was stuck with the slow moving clouds). The faster backgrounds suited the song more, in my opinion, and gave more energy to the song. But what made it cheesy was the way they stood and lip-sync to the song. There was an air of awkwardness during Jae’s part, in particular, which gave me those thoughts of cheesy. The band scenes were amazing, though. They looked cool, hip and trendy, which gave the video a more modern feel (Otherwise, the colour of the video would have given the video a more vintage look).

Rating – 8.5/10



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