Goodbye, 2NE1

I take this moment to drop my other reviews for the time being and honour this girl group. This will not be a review, however. But rather an ode to one of the most important groups (yes, I said that!) in KPOP ever.

For those who haven’t heard, 2NE1 has officially disbanded. Minzy left the band in May 2016 and it was announced that 2NE1 had disbanded on 25th of November 2016, with Park Bom leaving the company. Both CL and Dara resigned solo contracts. 2NE1 was one of the biggest bands of South Korea during their time.

It is no doubt that their songs have been influential in the industry. Songs like Fire, I Am The Best, I Love You, Lonely (just to name a few) have shaped KPOP greatly. They became a group that had a massive following and had hoobae (junior) groups look up to them. Their success has taken them extremely far. Even as soloists, the girls have conquered and fought on alongside each other with their own activities.

But what makes the group so different to others? They pushed for a tougher image. When they debuted, girl groups went for more cutesy and girly concepts. Not 2NE1 though. They were the first (if I remember correctly) to take on the hip-hop concept successfully. They were the ones that wore crazy clothes and had the craziest hairstyle (referring to I Am The Best video).

Goodbye  was released today, as the group’s final song (which features CL, Park Bom and Dara only). While YG has marketed this as their final song, the girls have mentioned that a possible reunion (with Minzy) and comeback in the future is still possible. Given the ongoing trend of first generation groups returning with their full line-up, this is highly possible and I do look forward to that day.

That being said, I do like to see what the four members have in store for us in the future. I know Dara has restarted acting, CL has her solo career (even though I am not much of a fan of her songs, I do like to see what else she can do. If 2NE1 has anything to prove, these girls have endless potential as solo artists), Minzy has her upcoming solo debut and Park Bom has a solo career that she can continue (if she chooses to). Thank you 2NE1 for the past 7 years. And if you are looking for the music video for Goodbye, it is linked below!

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