[Review] I’m Fine – VRomance

VRomance has recently made their comeback with a ballad. They dropped their new song, I’m Fine, and their latest mini album on the 5th of January 2017. The 4-member boy group, dubbed as the male version of Mamamoo, made their debut in 2016 with She.

The track is good but quite underwhelming. The group made their comeback with a ballad to suit the cold season, which makes sense. But it failed to stand out and the entire track is too plain. She was a more vibrant track, which I think suits the group more. This track does do a better job at showcasing their vocals, with that being the one thing that I am impressed with. Everyone shined really well, while some members were overshadowed in their debut track. The bridge of the song was quite good as well. But the verses and chorus just lacked colour and didn’t live up to the standards that other ballads have set. While I am a sucker for orchestral instrumentals, it, unfortunately, did not make up for the disappointment I felt. That being said, the instrumental by itself is pretty good as well. It matched the vocals without overpowering them, which is a plus. Another plus are the lyrics, which tells a lover (or loved one) that they can leave and that everything will be fine in the end. but I will talk about them later on in the video. The song, while its individual aspects sound nice, just didn’t deliver overall.

The video was very touching. The video starts off with an elderly man, opening his photography business, like any other day. The pictures that he puts outside or hangs in his studio all have a story behind them. We see those stories as flashbacks in the video. Chandong, also makes an appearance in the video, through a flashback of a relationship falling apart. The man’s wife (I am assuming)  walks into the store and asks for a picture of herself to be taken. It later showed that she passed away and the picture was, in fact, a picture in preparation of her passing.  In the end, he hangs the picture of his wife on the wall of his shop, waves goodbye and closes up the shop. After looking back at the shop, he turns around and it is revealed that the elderly man is, in fact, Chandong. The vocals and the lyrics play a part in tugging the emotions out of you, when you watch the video. And it is perfect. The lyrics talk about someone leaving (let it be lover or a loved one), hence why we saw a lot of stories of people leaving. Though the closeup of the group singing was included in the video, I feel like they could have been omitted entirely and no impact would have been made to the video.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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