[Review] I Think I Love U – Sonamoo

Sonamoo made their comeback with I Think I Love U on the 9th of January 2017. This is their first comeback since the release of their 3rd mini album and the title track, I Like U Too Much, back in June 2016.

The track isn’t too bad, but it just fails to capture the attention of the listener. I loved the sirens and the first few seconds of the song. It’s nothing you would have expected from a girl group who went on board with a cutesy concept. The verses in the song are quite good. They show off the vocals and raps very well, further proving the girls’ potential. The verses themselves sound strong and well defined with the retro-sounding instrumental.  The chorus is what loses me. The chorus felt too light and fluffy, compared to the verses. It also failed to be catchy or have any hooks. Overall, it made the song have a boring side and not stand out. Honestly, I feel like I have covered everything. If it was an amazing song, I should be able to talk about it. If it was terrible, then there would have been more to talk about. The fact that I only covered the song in a few lines just goes to show that the song isn’t amazing or terrible, it was just boring.

I found the video a lot more interesting than the song. The girls are mannequins in the trash, from what I believe. They wake up and stumble across a vending machine which sells a cute guy. To get the guy, they have to ‘insert a heart’. And where do they find a heart? In fluffy, stuffed bunnies scattered around the area. Obviously, they all want the guy to themselves, so they act shifty around each other, especially when they find a random stuffed bunny. In the end, all of them couldn’t find a heart, so they give up and return to where they originated from. Turns out, the cute guy is missing. Flashbacks showed one of the girls hanging back and finding a heart (very close to home) and end up with the cute mannequin guy. The other girls find out and start pulling him apart. The video was funny to watch. Besides all of that, everything else felt like a normal KPOP video.

Choreography wise, it looked quite nice. Nothing too complicated or simple. Instead, a nice polish flair was noticeable in the dance. While I complained about the chorus before, the dance during the chorus was very fitting and memorable to me.

Song – 4/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 5/10


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