[Review] Oh Na Na – K.A.R.D ft. Heo Youngji

Yes, another release from 2016 that I will be reviewing in 2017. And it is going to be the final one so far. K.A.R.D is a co-ed group under DSP Media that consist of J.Seph, BM, Somin (former member of April) and Jiwoo. This song and the few others that will follow will feature a hidden artist. For Oh Na Na, the Hidden member is Youngji, a former member of Kara. The group uses playing cards as a way to represent themselves, an interesting concept.

The track is a modern mix between the EDM we hear constantly in music, with the re-emerging genres of hip-hop and RnB. And the track mixes up these genres perfectly. The instrumental is very striking, catching your attention with its bold sounds.The vocals and rapping by the members sound amazing. Each member compliments the song in their own. The chorus is very addictive to listen to. The “Oh Na Na” sounds fantastic and is the catchiest point of the song. I also thought the instrumental breaks after the choruses were really good as well. Youngji’s featuring doesn’t really do it for me, unfortunately. Her part is designed for her, but that part doesn’t really fit in well with the song. The whole song has this heavy beat beating throughout it. Youngji’s part took away that repetitive heavy beat, added some slowness to the song and forced the song to have a higher pitch (which didn’t suit the song as well as expected). It was a nice slowdown, but I preferred that repetitive heavy beat that we had in all the other parts of the song. Besides that, I liked this track a lot. When I was on holidays, it was the one track that I kept going back to.

Not as impressed with the video as I was with the song. The quality of the video just wasn’t up to par with the quality of the song. I would have been happy with just the choreography shots. The rest of the video just felt detached from each other. There wasn’t anything connecting them together. I did like the night city scenery in the background, though. My next complaint would have to be the lighting in this video. Some parts you could see the members. Other parts (including some of the dance segments) were just too dark and you could only see the outlines of the members. Finally, Youngji’s part made me laugh. I know she is the ‘hidden member’ for this song. But she didn’t have to put on a black hoodie. She looks either like the Grim Reaper or the guy from the new drama Introverted Boss (Guess who started to watch dramas now). While I am sure she was told to wear that to look mysterious, she looks ridiculous more than anything.

The dance looked amazing. There was a hint of sexiness in the dance, but nothing overpowering. It had the hip-hop vibe through it. I really loved the dance at the instrumental breaks and the body waves at the “Oh Na Na” parts.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 3/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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