[Review] Roar – SF9

SF9 has returned with their first mini album, Burning Sensation, and their newest title track, Roar. The group made their official debut last October with Fanfare.

Fanfare, til this day, has not left an impression on me and thus became a forgettable track. Roar takes one step in the opposite direction, as I do remember this song for a number of reasons. The instrumental was interesting. That boing-boing sound (how do you explain the sound???) really catches your attention from the very start. They don’t overuse it because it could easily annoy the crap out of everyone and ruin the song. The verses needed some sort of foundation or backing to give the song more of an impact, in my opinion. The vocals are okay. The adlibs at the end don’t really seem to fit the song that well. The clear standout goes to the rapping. Each the rappers sounded amazing in this song. The buildup that the rappers contribute to the choruses sounded rough yet very fitting to the song. Though, their part in the bridge could have gone for something else rather than cowbells. I don’t know why, but I thought it was a little odd. While I did think the buildup to the choruses was pretty good, the immediate launch into the chorus is done perfectly. It packs a punch and leaves an impression in your mind.

Like the song, the video is quite fast-paced. You blink and you may have missed 30 seconds of the video. The sets and the solo shots don’t look as impressive as you think they will be. Honestly, the sets for the solo shots looked like they have been used elsewhere in the KPOP realm. Maybe it is the camera shots that make the sets seemed overused. The video also lacks colour. That one colour lighting seems to be trendy in South Korea, but I think it makes videos look dull and boring. The editing for the video is quite good as well, especially during the choreography shots.

The choreography is pretty good. I would have liked more moves that packed a punch and felt more strong. There were parts that did feel quite slow (even though they were made to fit with the speed of the song at that part) and they did weaken the overall look and feel of the choreography. The one thing I did like was how they broke themselves into smaller groups at the start and smoothly combined the two to make one group.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6/10


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