[Review] You Were Beautiful – DAY6

If you have not yet heard, DAY6 will be making monthly releases this year. They released I Wait as their main track for their January release. You Were Beautiful is now their latest track, released exactly one month after I Wait.

Once again, DAY6 does not disappoint with their song. I think the first thing every noticed was the past tense in the title. It does make a funny joke, but I rather not insult anyone. They went with a rock-ballad song, keeping true to themselves with the rock element, but showing off with a new side to the group with the ballad sounds. The track is much slower this time and you can feel more emotions in their vocals and lyrics in this song. Each member sings wonderfully in this song. I personally like the song a lot. The main issue is that some parts did feel like it was dragged out a bit. While I can overlook it, as everything else was sounded perfect for me, the thought does hang in the back of my head. But still, you all should check out the song. Given this track and I Wait, I am eagerly waiting for next month to come around to see what else the band has up their sleeve.

The video is quite simple. A female office worker finds (or is sent) videos of her past relationship with this guy. While all the memories are happy and she spends the majority of the video smiling, she ends up crying after remembering her break-up with him. The video is very clear cut. The band members are thrown into the video, scattered amongst the memories. Their presence in this video was underwhelming and honestly, not needed at all. The video would have been fine with just the memories and the female crying. Their presence through the song is more than enough here. An interesting theory seems to be that this is the continuation from their Congratulation video. In this video, the girl reflects on the past relationship she had with the guy, while in Congratulations, they meet unexpectedly in the future. While the actor does look familiar, the actress doesn’t. Nonetheless, it would still make for an amazing plotline and an awesome connection between the videos.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10


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