[Review] Yesterday – Block B

Block B has dropped a surprise release, in the form of a single, titled as Yesterday. I have no idea if this is going to be a pre-release for a future album or is just a single. I have been trying to find out but I have come up with no answer. This is the first Block B release since Toy last year. Since their last comeback, the members have each embarked on solo and subunit promotions.

Listening to Yesterday for the first time, I thought it had a Winner feel to it, more specifically Winner’s more pop centred songs such as Don’t Flirt. That thought still sticks with me but I have noticed that the song still has that Block B feel. I thought it sounded similar to Jackpot as well, just a lot lighter. Maybe it is the rock-based instrumental that gets me thinking like that. This time around, the group seemed to have inserted a bit of pop influence into the song. Overall, I thought the vocals were good. P.O’s raspy vocals and raps shined the best in this song. I like the way Zico raps, but I feel like he needs to show more variety, as like in his solo, when he is with the group. I felt like this was too similar to many of his past raps within Block B songs. While as simple as it sounds and as cliché as it sounds, I really like the “la, la, la” part of the song. To me, the song isn’t necessarily repeat-worthy, but it still nice to listen to once in a while.

With a more cheerful song, the music video is expectantly more colourful and vibrant. The group also went with a sitcom-like theme but that concept seemed lost just before the 1st chorus, which then returned to a normal non-themed KPOP video. To make it seem more like a sitcom, they should have added the member’s name during the start because the start of the video seemed like a sitcom introduction. Moving along, the guys couldn’t contact their lover (who happened to be the same girl). They do their best to figure out where she was and what she was doing “yesterday”. But instead, they find out they are all following the same girl. They join hands in trying to figure out what she did “yesterday”. But they ended up failing at the end. The video was fun to watch, matching the song very nicely. You could probably not imagine another way to present the video or another concept to go with the song.

We only see a few brief seconds of the choreography in the video. Not too entirely sure if there is even a full choreography for this song. So I am not going to even try to rate this part.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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