[Review] My First and Last – NCT Dream

NCT 127 kicked off the year for NCT with their promotions for Limitless. Now NCT Dream has returned with a brand new song, My First and Last. NCT Dream made their debut last year with the super cutesy and youthful Chewing Gum, a completely different vibe from their 127 or U counterparts.

My First and Last follows that same notion of setting Dream apart from 127 and U. The song still delves into that cutesy but with a more mature sound to it. Actually, the correct word to describe the song is ‘youthful’. It’s a simple song. Not saying that in a mean way, but rather, I am referring to the overall sound and structure of the song. The song is super addictive and catchy. For a dance track, the instrumental is very soft but still enough for you to notice it. Many KPOP songs nowadays rely on a more heavy or hard sounding instrumental such as in dubstep or for a tougher vibe. Instead, this song relies on a more pop sound. Their vocals are the main focus. They stood out with the soft instrumental. The harmony during the chorus really does wonders with the song, bringing out that youthful side. The rapping was pretty good. I am a big fan of Mark’s “Let’s talk about love” rap than the one situated as the bridge. There was a lot more colour in the favoured rap sequence. But regardless, the two main components, vocals (including rapping for this point) and instrumental, goes hand in hand with each other and really make the song quite enjoyable to listen to. Give the song a try and see if it works for you.

The video recently became under fire for sexualizing the female teacher in it. But I think those people (ah netizens) are over-reacting. Just because she is wearing tight clothing and walking in slow-motion doesn’t mean they are sexualising her. And besides, most people have had an attractive teacher before. So, there really isn’t anything wrong about it. Essentially, the teacher are the guy’s first love and try to get her attention. They indeed fail because her eyes are set for the husband she marries and the child she has, which was revealed at the end of the video. But the way they get her attention is quite interesting. First, they try the “let’s misbehave in class” method. That didn’t work, so they decided to build functioning carts out of cardboard. Because everyone would want to drive or get picked up in a really cool car (or cart in this case). Honestly, someone give these guys an A+ for their technology, woodwork and science classes. Trust me, because I am half way through university and there is no way I can do what they were doing. Overall, the video is quite cool to watch.

Another amazing choreography. And this time, they don’t need hoverboards. Instead, the dance portrays the youthful side once again. I am quite sure the dance at the second chorus was meant to invoke childhood memories. But the highlight of the whole choreography is when the members hold onto each other’s legs (while lying on their side) and pull themselves closer to each other. That looked cool!

Song – 9.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.5/10

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