[Review] Don’t Recall – K.A.R.D

K.A.R.D has returned with a brand new song. For those who don’t remember this co-ed group, they released their first project single, Oh Na Na, last year in December. Since then, their popularity has gone through the roof, as evident at a number of views the video released to accompany this Don’t Recall and their ranking on iTune charts around the world. This track does not have a hidden figure and is actually a present to the fans for their response to Oh Na Na.

Like their first single, Don’t Recall delve back into the world of RnB and hip-hop. The song is a lot melodic than Oh Na Na, which was heavier on the raps and hip-hop vibes. BM doesn’t sound like he is rapping but rather singing using his raspy and husky voice. While his vocals are limited, he does a pretty good job. The other members stay within their comfort zone and like BM, do a nice job at each of their parts. Moving away from the vocals, I do have to admit, though, the song does feel a little dull compared to Oh Na Na. Not sure if it is the vocals/raps to blame (because they don’t show much variety) or if there isn’t anything catchy within the song. The one part I really love and think it is what makes the song more memorable is the short instrumental breaks after the choruses. Those parts sound very striking and very ear-catching. It usage after the choruses and as the instrumental for the final chorus gave the song a much-needed boost and gave me the reason why to go back and continue listening to it.

I would love to interpret the video myself but I would probably do a really bad job of it if I had a time. But during my crusade of trying to work out what happened in the video, I came across a theory uploaded onto K.A.R.D’s YouTube channel, which tries to make sense of the video. While they claim that they might be wrong, I think everyone has gone to accept it as the real thing. The audio of the video is Korean but make sure to turn on the CC (closed captions) to see an English translation of the guy talking in the fan theory video.

Watching the video kind of made my mind throw everything I had initially thought out of the window. But even if I didn’t watch the theory video, I would still have noticed the tension and darkness present in the video. The camera shots and camera angles really make this video quite good. While these have been seen elsewhere in KPOP, it’s the actual meaning behind the video and objects in the shot that makes it feel refreshing and different each time.

The choreography here is really good. That short instrumental break dance routine looks amazing and something that would look really amazing on stage. It’s a pity that they haven’t gone on stage (as in on the weekly music shows) to perform this.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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