[Review] Plz Don’t Be Sad – HIGHLIGHT

A new boy group is here to grace the stage. Well, they aren’t that new. Highlight is actually Beast. But since Beast did not resign their contract with their former company, Cube Entertainment (who also trademarked the name Beast or B2ST), the guys had to find a new company and a new name for themselves. Hence, the guys went on to form About Us Entertainment and named themselves Highlight, after one of their previous songs. This is the team’s first comeback since last year’s Ribbon.

The song is actually quite good. I think of the main concerns was what direction would the group go in, since they have essentially been given a new chance to restart. I personally would have loved to see them continue with their previous styles. But given this song, fans don’t need to worry too much. It is a song that sounds fun. It was a bit foreign, but it puts smiles on my face (since the song is about turning the frown upside down). The vocals are quite good and Junhyung’s rap is up to par with any other work he has done so far. The introduction (woooaaahh, woooaaahh) and chorus sounded spectacular. The instrumental is a little more on the traditional side of KPOP but in combination with their vocals/raps, it felt fresh and new. I don’t think there is anything that pulls the song down. It just a side to their musical side that I am trying to get used to. Given their current success on the charts, this song is bound to stay relevant for quite a while and if that is the case, I’ll probably fall in love with the song (like any other Beast song) very quickly.

Judging the song, we can kind of assume that they went with a more bright concept. A concept that isn’t really done by Beast. And while they nail channelling the sound into the video, I don’t really find the video impressive. To be honest, what they have done suits the song quite nicely. I cannot think of another way to produce a video to match the song, an important aspect of all videos that I consider. I don’t expect much usually, but when you have watched a video numerous times (because it is Highlight) and don’t really remember much from it, it sends a message. Sure, they have a few comedic moments. But they did have enough to make me laugh or even chuckle. You can just tell they were there to given the video a more lightened up feel. Furthermore, the video seems like a step back. It does have a rookie feel to it as if the members are rebuilding their presence from the very bottom. I would have liked it if they went with a vibrant concept that manages to carry over the same Beast feel.

The dance is actually quite enjoyable. While it is quite simple and not as impressive as their past choreographies, it manages to work well with the song. I really liked the chorus and the different hand movements they do, especially when they are singing about the sad faces. There is no actual live stage (from what I see) yet, but I have a feeling I am going to like the performances even more when those stages are released (starting tonight).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10


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