[Review] Beautiful – Monsta X

Monsta X has returned with their third part of their trilogy. For those who don’t remember, the group made their comeback with the first part of the trilogy, All In, in May 2016. Fast forwarding to October 2016, they released the second part of the trilogy, Fighter. Now, they are officially back with Beautiful, the title track off their latest and first studio album, The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter.

Another great song released this week. Monsta X follows their consistent sound and delves back into the world of EDM. It’s a fierce track that doesn’t hold back in anyway. The distorted introduction sounds very catching, and it then throws the listener into a more stable yet powerful rap sequence. The song slows down for a brief second and then builds up (in a matter of seconds) to the really addictive chorus. An instrumental break follows the chorus, giving us a break from the insanity that they just made us go through. What makes this song stand out is that chorus. I loved Jooheon and I.M’s rap, which provided the intensity needed but I personally loved the chorus more. As I said, it’s really addictive and catchy. You expect it to be overlaced with the EDM sounds (given the start and the verses). But instead, the vocals shine quite nicely throughout, and they weren’t overshadowed by a ‘loud’ and obnoxious chorus. Thr bridge is also quite interesting. Not their best part of the song, mainly because it did feel a little empty without the rappers and their own added intensity. But it is the first bridge of a dance song that I have noticed is made up of only vocals in a very long time. It isn’t unheard of, but the bridge is usually the safe-haven for producers to slide in a misplaced or (sometimes) unneeded rap sequence. Here, they swapped things around and made it sound more grabbing, which is amazing. As mentioned, everything in the song sounded fantastic. I did post in my review yesterday that I would recommend CN Blue’s latest song to any new listeners. And I will gladly do the same with Monsta X’s newest song.

When it comes to the music videos of this particular trilogy, I am a little confused. Personally, I see very little connection between this video and their previous two videos. I am absolutely certain that with each video, they are all somehow connected with each other, but I am really bad at picking out those connections. The only thing that I see as a running theme is the blue flowers used throughout the trilogy.  Besides that, I don’t have anything (Please help and explain on is happening in the videos for other readers and myself in the comment section below). But the video is quite nice to watch. It is quite aesthetic with each member’s individual scenes. The lighting shines on the members in a different way that I have never seen before in music videos. It makes them almost shine, which looks quite cool. What is more impressive is the choreography scenes. I really like the zoomed out perspective, where it made the platform and the members on it look small. As we zoom in, it looks massive and entirely different. A significant portion of the music video is dedicated to the choreography, so it only makes sense to move onto that aspect of the comeback. Overall, the video is worth watching, but connections aren’t that apparent to me (yet).

Guess who is a mega fan of the dance? I liked everything about the dance. But I want to skip to the end of the song. My favourite part has to be the one in the gif below. I don’t know why, but it made my jaw drop. It looked cool and tough (but in a subtle way). It impressed me and will forever be engraved into my mind. And it is the one part that I will keep on (and have been) going back to in every performance.

Song – 9.5/10
Music Video – 8/10 
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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