[Review] Ninano – Gong Minzy ft. Flowsik

It has been a long time coming, but Minzy has finally made their solo debut with the mini-album, Minzy Work 01. Uno, and the title track, Ninano. Gong Minzy is a former member of the popular girl group 2NE1. She withdrew from the group in April 2016. 2NE1 ended up disbanding at the end of 2016.

Right from the very first second, the track sounds very exotic and intriguing. The instrumental is bass heavy, which makes it feel highly intense throughout. There seems to be a string instrument in the instrumental, which dominates the entire track and it is probably the one thing that makes me want to go back to the track. Minzy’s vocals don’t really feel like it was shown off here. The track doesn’t seem to reach a peak, as well. Instead, the track builds up to the chorus and then it seems to settle back down. This is different, and it makes the track interesting. Within the instrumental, there was some emptiness. However, the emptiness should not be seen as a flaw, but rather a medium to help intensify the track. Given her lack of solo songs while under YG Entertainment and as part of 2NE1, I expected a song that really shows her off. The instrumental catches my attention, but her vocals don’t really.   Flowsik’s rap sequence fits wonderfully in the song. It is expected from a person of his magnitude in the industry. It leads to the ending of the song and caps those powerful vibes quite nicely.

The video is pretty good. While it does consistent to just closeups and choreography, everything that I spoke about in the song review was channelled throughout the video. You have the intensity. You have the toughness. You have the powerful vibe. She even added sexiness to the video. Overall, it does the job well done. The editing is wonderful. Though I think I have mentioned how I am not a major fan of some of the transitions between shots in the past, they are used consistently and you can’t really argue against that. The sets are also quite nice. While my review for the music video is relatively short, it is still perfectly suited for the song.

The choreography is as expected with the quality of the song. It is tough, it is powerful and it is sexy. It doesn’t go over the top though. All of those aspects are well balanced.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10


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