[Review] Steal Your Heart – Unit Black

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to go through the details of where this boy group came from (BOYS24 – you can check the Wikipedia page for the show. I didn’t really follow it). However, that won’t stop me from reviewing their debut single. This is the first promotional unit from the television show BOYS24, named as Unit Black. The group consisted of Park Do Ha, Hwang In Ho, Oh Jin Suk, Kim Sung Hyun, Kim Young Hyun, Jung Yeon Tae, Yoo Young Doo and Han Hyun Uk. Their debut single is titled as Steal Your Heart.

Off the bat, I would file this under the ‘generic KPOP song’ tab. There isn’t much to set it apart from other songs released currently. Their instrumental is a more tame EDM style, which to an extent is a good thing. However, the majority of songs that has come out in the last year that utilised EDM were quite tame and didn’t overpower the overall song. Their vocals and raps were great. But there weren’t anything in that area of the song that amazed me or made me fall for the song. There were some good points, however. The chorus was catchy. Maybe not too much. But it does enough to get me going back to the track. Also, the melody at the chorus was quite nice as well. Which leads me to my next point, its smoothness is something that stands out for me. From the start to end, you feel like you slide along with the song. The beat drop at the end was typical, but it provided that lift that the song required.

Unit Black probably means that they will be using the shade of black quite extensively throughout the video. If done right, everything would look classy and stylish. And that is what exactly what happened. Some of the sets looked cool, using that black aspect quite nicely, such as their choreography scenes where they wear the red suits. Others relied on the members wearing black, and it didn’t seem to do the job nicely. As for the plot of the video, were they trying to steal fame? Cause that is what I got out of it. Essentially, they devised a plan to steal something, which looked okay at first. But once the mission was successful and they opened the bag, they get teleported to the stage, where they perform for the rest of the video. That looked lame if I was honest. But it does make sense (to an extent – it is something that I would not do – steal fame, that is), because they probably did that to grab everyone’s attention, including their crushes.

Performance wise, they did a good job for a generic sounding song. Without the song influencing my thoughts on the dance, it was dry and dull to watch.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 5/10
Overall Rating – 6/10

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