[Review] How To Cry – 100%

Following the review posted earlier today for BTOB’s L.U.V, the second JPOP release will be 100%’s debut single, How To Cry. At the start of the year, 100% made their official debut in Japan with How To Cry. They later returned a month later with their Korean comeback, Sketch U.

100%’s Japanese debut single takes every fan and listener back to their dance based songs. It wasn’t until recently that the group turned to more vocal centred tracks. And it is a return that I wouldn’t mind listening to over and over again. While their earlier tracks were of the same genre, I wasn’t into them like I am with this track. This one had great synths that caught my attention straight away. I thought the synths and instrumental would have been overpowering, but rather the vocals managed to shine through. I guess this is more proof that the group has vastly improved. The track is extremely powerful. This strength can be heard through the vocals, raps and the instrumental. The bass in this song is what I wish for in some songs. It sounds heavy, suiting the synths and dubstep-based sounds. It is also quite catchy, especially the chorus and the “How To Cry” line that is repeated over and over again. Part of me does feel like it is a generic dance song but the song mashes past 100% and present-day 100%, which could become a very interesting combination.

While I did sense the genericness in the song, the genericness in the video could be felt more strongly. Yeah, the video consists of the following, which is the formula that most music video nowadays: closeups, choreography and a few inserted scenes to give the video some meaning. They don’t have much appeal to them standalone and together they end up being even less appealing to watch. The darker vibes gave an edgier and tougher look to the group. But their acting and ’emotional reflection’ scenes don’t really go well with that. I honestly don’t know why I felt this mismatch strongly in the video because it is the same thing that I watch every single day when I watch multiple KPOP music videos.

Like I said above, the return to the stronger sound meant the return to even more powerful choreography. And that is what we got here. It’s tough, sharp and amazing. The “Tell Me How To Cry” dance move looked quite cool. The choreography during the chorus was definitely the highlight and fitted in well with the dramatic side of the song.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10


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